Franziska van Almsick becomes the new member of the supervisory board

Franziska van Almsick sits on the supervisory board of ambitious regional league club Victoria Berlin. Above all, the potential of the women’s team is important to her.

The sporting ambitions of the Victoria Berlin players are high and the goals of change in society are more ambitious. “We can be pioneers in many things. We can make a difference not only in football, but also in society,” said Francesca van Almsick of dpa. As a member of the regional league’s supervisory board, the 44-year-old world champion swimmer wants to put the role of women on a firmer footing.

In June, six women led by world champion Ariane Hengst took over the leadership of the women’s football division. His goal is to take the team from the regional league to the Bundesliga in the next five years. In addition to sporting goals, the women would like to use their project to help women’s sports in Germany gain more attention, appreciation and recognition. New paths are also being taken in terms of payment. All Victoria players are paid and therefore covered by the Trade Federation. “In society, it’s about where women are and what they can work for themselves,” van Almsick said. “Talking about equal pay in this context is absurd. But we have to understand everything.”

Investors have already won more than 1 million euros

The six founders, who are based in the Angel City association formed by actress Natalie Portman in the United States, and which is hired by national goalkeeper Almuth Schulte, have managed to win a total of 87 investors for their project in recent months and In this way, 1 million euros have been raised. Among them are other personalities such as Maria Hofl Resch, Caroline Quebekos and Donia Hayali. In addition, through the Stepstone job bank and the Douglas perfume series, they got two powerful sponsors, and they put on the shirt.

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