Free Bitcoin immediately by playing a smartphone game: now you can

Bitcoins are making more and more news. Investment banks all over the world crown them as a means of safeguarding value from inflation and more and more users are investing in them.

But Bitcoins are also at the center of sharp criticism due to the high pollution they generate. In fact, to generate a single Bitcoin you need the equivalent of the energy an electric car would need to travel around the world 44 times. Therefore these cryptocurrencies are increasingly loved and desired as an investment but there are also many who criticize them and consider them a potential bubble. Now comes news that will make happy the many who would like to invest in Bitcoin and have not yet done so. The Niantic company, famous for creating Pokémon Go in collaboration with Fold, a company specializing in cryptocurrency that has created important partnerships in this sector, have developed a very interesting game.

An AR game for crypto

It is an augmented reality game that allows the player directly from his smartphone to explore a virtual world merged with the real one in which to win prizes in Bitcoin. Consequently, by traveling the world in search of virtual Bitcoins, you can win the real ones. Definitely a unique opportunity to get Bitcoin for free and in fact this game is causing a lot of discussion. The game is called Ford AR and is still in beta. It will certainly have great success with both video game enthusiasts and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. But this has been a trend that has been going on for some time.

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In fact, for some time now, this new type of games has been emerging that push the user to play more and more, allowing him to earn earnings and prizes.

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It was inevitable that this new gaming philosophy ends up intersecting with the rich world of cryptocurrencies.

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