Free: This Mexican game is so good that the owner of Rockstar bought it and they are giving it away

Who says that good video games are not made in Mexico? If you think that, it’s because you probably don’t know SQUAD, a Mexico City studio that released such a good gem that it made Take-Two, the company that owns Rockstar Games, buy them. In fact, soon you will be able to download its star game completely free.

It turns out that in 2023 the Epic Games Store will continue to give away games. The first gift of the new year will be Kerbal Space Programthe game that brought SQUAD to fame and which is considered by many to be the best Mexican video game in history.

Kerbal Space Program will be available for free starting at 10:00 AM, Mexico City time, on Thursday, December 5. Once that date arrives you will only have to follow the following steps:

How to get Kerbal Space Program free?

  • Click this link to go to the game’s page on the Epic Games Store
  • Click the Get button on the right side of the screen
  • A screen will appear with the purchase information, in this case at no cost
  • Press Place Order

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What is Kerbal Space Program?

In case you don’t know him, we tell you that Kerbal Space Program It’s an amazing and acclaimed game with a huge community, but what is it about? It is a game where you must direct all the actions of the space mission of an alien race to help them conquer the stars.

“He directs the space program of the kerbal alien race in Kerbal Space Program. Use a wide variety of parts to build functional spaceships that fly (or not) according to the laws of aerodynamics and orbital physics. Kerbal Space Program.

You can see more about Kerbal Space Program in the following video:

And you, what did you think of this news? Are you excited to get Kerbal Space Program free? Tell us in the comments.

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