Friday the 13th, Freddy Krueger and Evil Dead in the same universe

First Miracle And DC.not much talked about shared universeHowever, the concept was a reality from its conception to the horror genre in cinema. universal monstermade of Dracula, frankenstein’s monster And this werewolflike on tape house of frankenstein one of two house of draculaBut, beyond this it is clear ForeignerA universe connected by some of the world’s bloodiest killers. scary movies,

These films are the pioneers of the genre slasherThey also propose the idea of ​​a cinematic universeAnd no, we are not talking about theories created by fans, on the contrary, some of the minds behind these franchises have confirmed that the films friday the 13th, Nightmare on Hell Street And demonic possession ,evil dead), takes place in the same terrifying world.

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It all started with a joke between the directors within their films, but it slowly took shape, one thing leading to another, and even conversations between films. It begins in the first installment of evil deadOf Sam Raimiwith a scene that shows the movie Wes CravenTopic the hills Have EyesTo which Craven decided to answer in his next film, nightmare on Elm StreetRaimi’s tape is being broadcast on television.

Do Friday the 13th, Freddy Krueger and Evil Dead share the same universe?

As soon as he came inside, the joke started moving forward. evil dead 2director shows prestigious freddy kruger gloveHanging in the cabin where the film takes place, it was the first time such an iconic element of another horror franchise had been featured.

Do Friday the 13th, Freddy Krueger and Evil Dead share the same universe?

This increased further when New Line Cinemaproducer of films Freddy Kruegeracquired the rights to friday the 13th After the eighth installment, jason takes manhattanwas a complete failure and was handed over to the director adam marcuswho is as much a fan of horror as Craven, or Raimi, is giving us Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday,

This film is the key point where everything is finally confirmed, and in it you can see two essential elements for this saga demonic possessionThe kandarian daggerAnd this NecronomiconThe book of the dead is responsible for the whole conspiracy evil dead,

To complete the effect of the film, and much in the same style that he does Miracle Currently, in post credit sceneThis “Last Friday” we can see jason mask In the sand, when’s glove Freddy KruegerThe mask comes off as we hear Krueger laughing.

Years later, we were able to officially see Freddy Krueger face jason voorhees In freddy vs jasonHowever, there are doubts about evil dead This remained up in the air for a long time, until during an interview, Marcus confirmed what everyone thought: jason The book is written by evil dead,

Pamela Voorhees makes a deal with the Devil by reading the Necronomicon to bring her son back. That’s why Jason isn’t Jason. He’s Jason plus The Evil Dead, and now I can believe that he could go from a little boy living in a lake to a grown man in a few months, turn Jason into a zombie, and never be able to kill this guy …

adam marcus

but the director of jason goes to hell was not the only person to respond to the idea, since the director of evil dead, Sam RaimiLove the idea, making it canon within this shared universe.

To me, it’s far more interesting as a combination, and Raimi (Evil Dead creator Sam) loved it! Not that I can tell New Line about my plans to include The Evil Dead, since they don’t own The Evil Dead. So this had to be an Easter egg, and I focused on it…

adam marcus

Do Friday the 13th, Freddy Krueger and Evil Dead share the same universe?

photography by: “Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday”/Necronomicon at New Line Cinema

how is that adam marcus managed to unite the three universes, thereby jason one of the creatures of evil deadCall Deadites,

There’s a whole scene that’s included in the book, and I was hoping that people would understand it and be able to figure out what I’m doing. So yes, in my opinion, Jason Voorhees is a Deadite. This is one from The Evil Dead.

adam marcus

There are more theories and references within scary movies who can expand this universe of style slasherwhere they can also be included chucky And michael myers, Would you like to know more about it?

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