Friends 2, do you remember Lidia Cocciolo? | You also saw her with George Clooney


Lidia Cocciolo was a student of Amici 2, she participated in the singing category, arriving in fourth place in that edition. After the success of Maria De Filippi’s talent, she remained active in the entertainment world with different jobs and roles, especially as an actress. But do you remember how it was? You’ve also seen her with George Clooney, but where?

Amici2, Lidia Cocciolo-Political24
Friends 2, Lidia Cocciolo-Political24

Lidia Cocciolo took part in the edition of Friends 2 in 2002-2003 as a student in the singing category. Right from the start she made herself known and loved by the public at home for her determination, her grit and her radiance. But also for its sweetness that shines through the eyes. It must be said, however, that despite having presented herself at the casting of the talent show of Maria De Filippi and despite being admitted to school, she had never studied singing. Hers was a completely and completely natural talent. This allowed her on the one hand to see first-hand if this road really was for her and on the other to demonstrate that she still had all the cards on the table to break through.

And that was precisely his goal: to be part of a stage, a scene, play a role and excite with his soul. In fact, he soon realizes that his true path was not singing but acting. But you remember it as it was? And what does the handsome handsome George Clooney have to do with her?

Amici 2, Lidia Cocciolo: this is where she was seen with George Clooney

Lidia Cocciolo, within the Amici 2 school, proved to be a very attentive, stubborn and well determined to reach a goal. In that year, however, she finished in fourth place, therefore not winning, given that Giulia Ottonello was awarded. But even if the Canale Cinque talent show didn’t get the podium, it did get a resounding success enough to allow her to continue working in this world.

But as mentioned, once she left the program, she realized that her true vocation was not singing but acting. She thus began studying acting to become a full-fledged actress. Around 2012 he made his big screen debut in the film The last wheel of the wagon. This film allowed her to enter a completely different working reality, which allows her to broaden her horizons and her knowledge.


But it’s the small screen and the hit fictional parts like Don Matteo, Police District, Red bracelets to decree its true fame. They consecrated it to the general public, making everyone love it more and more. But where was she seen with George Clooney?

TV makes the difference!

In addition to her work as an actress in fiction and films of a certain level, the former student of Amici 2 has taken part in various commercials such as that of Fastweb. And right there she was ‘seen’ together with the charming American actor George Clooney.

But leaving aside the working environment, today Lidia is also the mother of two wonderful children, Noah and Phaedra.

Amici2, Lidia Cocciolo-Political24


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