“friendship with Natalie Portman made me work harder!” Do you know who said that?


Thor is one of the projects that Natalie Portman has been involved in since the beginning. But it seems the Oscar winner has done more

Natalie Portman And Jane Foster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and in Thor, obviously. For a while we didn’t see her participate in the cinecomics that involved the character played by Chris Hemsworth, however it is now clear that we will see her again and that her role in Love and Thunder it will be very broad. In fact, she will play not only the role of Jane Foster (love interest of the God of Thunder), but also the same Jane she becomes Mighty Thor, acquiring – in fact – the powers of the Son of Odin.

Like Taika Waititi will adapt the story is all to be seen, but we know that there are many returning characters in the film saga dedicated to Thor, including (probably), Kat Dennings, who plays the role of Darcy in the MCU.

Kat Dennings Cinematographe

We will not only see it in Love and Thunder (although for now it has not been officially confirmed), but it will also appear in the TV series WandaVision, although exactly, what will it do with Scarlet Witch it’s a mistery. But it is she who has revealed that she has benefited greatly from her friendship with Natalie Portman! The two actresses have in fact been very close friends for a long time and this seems to have helped her Dennings to have more space in the comics dedicated to the Marvel character. Initially, in fact, his role was not to be more than a cameo:

During rehearsals, seeing as this was the story of Thor, you had to create everything from nothing and it was very complicated. Anyone who knows Norse history knows that there are these things, the gods and so on. There is the rainbow (Bifrost), and people know it. But it was difficult for the actors, who had to do a lot of rehearsals.

My part, Darcy, was originally, like, two scenes, and she was literally just an intern who just had to be there. It was the best day of my life. I couldn’t believe these people were hiring me. I seemed to have deceived them, I don’t know.

Since Natalie and I were already friends, I perfectly remember this thing that happened. I entered the room and was very intimidated. Natalie hadn’t arrived yet but they were all very nice anyway. Then Natalie came in and sat on my lap because we are friends. I think our friendship started to infect them, because it was sincere and it showed. Slowly, Darcy became much more involved in the scenes. And I thought: but why do they add me to the scenes? To be honest, I think it was the magic of friendship. That’s definitely the reason I’m here today.

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