From «2022: the survivors» to «The war of tomorrow», all the films set in 2022

What are the films set in 2022? The question at first glance may seem strange, but we must realize that we live in an age where each year has already been described and treated in a cinematic work ahead of time. A phenomenon mainly due to science fiction, a popular and highly successful genre in the last century, in which it is a natural part of the narrative game to imagine future events and scenarios both from a political and a social point of view.

Some of the films taking place in 2022 are quite recent, as is the case with the visionary The war of tomorrow (Tomorrow’s War), but there are also other classics in which the year we live in is a future that has already arrived and is very different from what they had imagined. Here is a reasoned list of the stories in which 2022 has already materialized on the big screen.

War of Tomorrow (2021)


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The war of tomorrow (Tomorrow’s War) is a film that has not wowed critics but has really liked the audience, so much so that it has become a real hit on Prime Video. The story is set in December 2022 where, suddenly, a time gap opens from which soldiers coming from the year 2051 come out in search of help. Chris Pratt plays Dan Forester, a biologist and former military man who finds himself in the midst of a decisive crisis for the future of humanity on the verge of extinction due to an alien threat. We’re not looking at the actor’s best work, but we can certainly enjoy some spectacular action moments. In terms of current events, apart from the opening scenes, we don’t see anything special about 2022. We will see for 2051.

2022 The Survivors (1973)


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Soylent Green, original title of the film shot by Richard Fleischer is perhaps the best title on this list (and also the most successful of the films set in 2022). Today it is a true sci-fi cult in which science fiction is combined with the detective genre. The protagonist, played by Charlton Heston, is a policeman who follows the trail of the murder of a businessman until he finds himself in the middle of a dystopian future in which our planet is overpopulated, polluted and scarce resources reduce people to starvation. 2022 finds some disturbing points of contact in this imagination. Richard Fleischer’s unusual vision is somewhere between the brilliant and the grotesque, and the plot never fails to engage until the very last moment. A great classic.

Escape from Absolom (1994)


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Another story set in 2022, obviously of the science fiction genre, is Escape from Absolom (No Escape) which in some countries is known by the title Absolom 2022. The film is the work of the science fiction veteran Martin Campbell is has as a protagonist Ray Liotta. In 2022, a former Marine named John Robbins is serving a life sentence for killing his superior after refusing to kill innocent people, and is therefore exiled to an island known to be worse than prison. In the darkness of this dystopian future emerges the danger of technology control and corporate dictatorship. We are not close to reality, but not too far away and we could get there.

Geostorm (2017)


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Geostorm it is a disaster film that has ended up turning into a real catastrophe in the cinema. Although it grossed a considerable amount of money it was considered a flop compared to the several millions spent to produce it. The reviews received were very bad and it’s no wonder once you read the plot which is the same as a thousand other disaster movies, including the theme of climate catastrophe, with one difference: it lacks logical coherence and generates unexpected laughter. from the script.

Blade Runner Black Out 2022 (2017)


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Black Out 2022 it’s not a movie, but it’s worth adding to the list for its importance in the series Blade Runner. It is the story of the prequel of 2049 which explains how the blackout occurred which destroyed all the information stored by humanity with the consequent impact on the events then seen in the film. Made in the form of animation, it is accompanied by two other episodes entitled 2036: Nexus Dawn and 2048: Nowhere to Run.

In addition to the films just mentioned, there are some made in the past that involve 2022 in various ways, including Alien Intruder (1993), a very bad science fiction film, Among the Shadows (2019), a vampire and werewolf story with Lindsay Lohan, Time Runner (1993), a strange affair with Mark Hamill. 2022 is somewhat relevant in films like The Judgment Night (The Purge, of 2013) and Judgment night – Election Year (The Purge: Election Year, 2016), which, however, do not offer particular elements of comparison with the present.

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