From auteur cinema icons to Marvel’s Black Widow and beyond

“I am ready for any role. I see myself as a self-employed person and think about my career as independently as possible. I didn’t plan it and I like it that way. This gives me more opportunities and I don’t expect anything. This is every actor’s dream but what he has achieved is not achieved by everyone. Scarlett Johansson, As the actress told in an interview Vulture.

We’re not talking about how to be sexy and at the same time wow Hollywood factory executives with your raspy voice, but about a resume that can make small and risky films with indie pedigree Connects with big blockbusters. From a career that crowned him As the princess of American auteur cinema and the new heroine of action cinema.

Almost 30 years have passed since his debut in the cinema and with more than 70 titles behind him, we can confirm not only that he has shown character from an early age, but also that when it comes to his filmography To do is the scarlet equation. The formula is clear and obvious: many intimate feature films make films with high budgets and big ambitions.

With the passage of time, this recipe has become more pronounced, especially in recent years, in which the actress has given us works that are more Martian than each other, each of them the antipode of the previous one.

what do they have to do with it captain america civil war with hail Caesar! one of two Ghost in the Shell: Soul of the Machine? Very little other than Johansson’s commanding presence. We review the career of Scarlett Johansson From this particular equation and through its various phases in cinema.

turned from a girl to a woman

We’ve watched Scarlett grow from a girl to a woman on screen and at the age of ten she stunned us with her small debut role. rob renner In A boy named North. The range of filmmakers who supported him in his teenage years may surprise you: robert redford In the man who whispers to horses (1998) Brothers koen with the man who was never there (2001). That same year she gave us Enid’s companion Rebecca. (little birch) In the comic adaptation of Daniel Claus, Ghost World (Terry Zwigoff, 2001): Another great role to add to his currently short filmography.

Let us not forget that little Scarlett’s resume was also built in those years, with forgettable supporting roles in works such as: just cause (Kate Armstrong, 1994), teen family comedy my brother little pig (Eric Fleming, 1999) or Trequel home alone (King Gosnell, 1997). It was at its peak in the mainstream of those years and it is right to claim the film as a cult film. Arak attack (Elori Elkayem, 2001), from Scarjo’s latest films, which still hide his early origins.

mysterious youth

Sofia Coppola In 2003, a new profile of Scarlett was revealed when she made her debut lost in Translation Although Johansson was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress, her role as Charlotte became an icon of indie cinema. naughties. That mysterious aura was also used in the period film pearl girl (Peter Weber, 2003), where she played a mysterious girl who paints johannes vermeer Synonyms in painting.

That year he had time to travel to the Amalfi Coast to repeat the melodrama with the ambitious a good woman, based on a work by Oscar Wilde. A tape of literary genealogy in which he answered Helen Hunt Wearing a provocative silver dress to get your husband back (Mark Umbers). In fact, in 2003, Scarjo decided to show us her talents as an actress.

birth of a sex symbol

2004 began a fantastic decade for the star and between that year and the following year she became part of the list of beautiful heroines. michael bay with my work in island Half the world is at her feet thanks to her reinterpretation of the contemporary femme fatale in intimate noir match point, Of Woody Allen. Her role as Nola, which she later got Kate Winslet Rejected, it would mark her romance with a New York film producer, who would say this about the star “She’s charming, very bright and very fun: when she comes on set, the temperature rises 20 degrees.”

The thermometer soared with Scarlett in cinemas, on coated paper and even on television: yes, she also had a cameo in it. circle. But her new status as a sex symbol did not save her from mediocre roles, such as the ones she starred in a song from the past (Shiny Gable, 2004) and more than just a boss (Paul Weitz, 2005).

Blonde ambition?

Between 2006 and 2008, Johansson acts like a mad woman, although she does not get the characters she chooses right: this period is one of the most chaotic in the actress’s filmography and one that reflects her problems with being typecast as the new Reveals. Blonde ambition.

He continues the formula of auteur cinema and blockbuster cinema, but the results are not as desired: his next two works with Woody Allen did not fare well. (Scoop, Vicki Cristina Barcelona), In black dahlia (Brian De Palma, 2006) It seems like he’s only there because of his physique, whereas final tip (Christopher Nolan, 2006), rebecca hall Steals the spotlight on screen. As happened with Vicky Cristina Barcelona also.

Stranger is his commercial filmography at that time: diary of a midwife (Annie Braddock, 2006), which sought to revive ScarJo Juvenile; boleyn sisters (Justin Chadwick, 2008) with which he entered the Berlinale only to collect poor reviews; And The spirit, Of frank miller, In which Warner tried to take advantage of the success sin city adding dangerous turns (Eva Mendes, Paz Vega, Johansson) for Classic Comics Will Eisner. Everything is said without luck.

johansson, the avenger

Another coincidence managed to revive the star’s erratic career: emily blunt rejected the role of natasha romanoff Known as by Marvelites black mother, And in 2010, Scarlett Johansson showed that she had no problem fitting into a tight black body and looking like bread. iron Man 2, Of Jon Favreau. Chance gave us a great superheroine and her a promising future, even if in the Avengers (Joss Whedon, 2012) It feels a little lacking in the face of so much testosterone.

Between 2010 and 2012, he also worked in some special films. (A place to dream, Of cameron crowe And also had the courage to imitate janet leigh in biopic hitchcock (Sasha Gervasi, 2012). Just an appetizer of what he was preparing for the next years.

scarlet almighty

“At the moment, I find it more interesting to choose roles that I can play but I don’t really know how, rather than looking for ‘Oh yes, I can do that character’ and doing them and that’s it. “ Johansson said in an interview in March this year Guardian.

After watching her career since January 2013, we can only agree with her: Scarlett has become the sexiest woman in the world, according to Esquire, Becoming the body, face, and voice of characters who go beyond the human; has managed to laugh at her status as a sex-symbol in Don Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 2013) As well as knowing how to contain an alien under the skin (Jonathan Glazer, 2013) or a superwoman lucy (Luc Besson, 2014).

If in 2013 Scarjo focused on more or less modest and symbolic films like Gordon-Levitt’s; As His, Of spike jones Where, by the way, she also replaced the original actress in the cast, Samatha Morton; or the like under the skin; In 2014 we saw him support his colleague Jon Favreau #chef On his return to indie cinema; In addition to repeating with Steve Rogers as Black Widow. Captain America: The Winter Soldier and make the last jump as a replacement Angelina Jolie When it comes to possessing a firearm and firing a shot to kill with it Luc Besson In Lucy.

manga heroine

After a break in 2015, which he left only to return to the Marvel universe Avengers: Age of Ultron, Scarjo returned in 2016 in some of the year’s most notable films: as a mermaid coen brothers In hail Caesar! join in favor of hombre de hierro In captain america civil war, and are lending their voices to the characters of the jungle Book And Sings! Now, she’s starting 2017 as another great, powerful woman motoko kusanagi Of Ghost in the Shell: soul of the machine,

His signings have not been without racial controversy; There are many who have questioned his ability to do justice to the films Mamoru Oshii (and the manga of Masamune Shirō). beyond the accusations of ‘whiteness’, film directed by Rupert Sanders The warrior reclaims the scarlet, The actress who one day decided to park the curves that worked as a charm in Hollywood and was finally able to put into effect the equation she had been trying to implement for years: professional risk and action character limits. till. But aren’t we really talking about the same thing?

Oscar opposes him

Although it may seem unbelievable considering the resume we just reviewed, Scarlett Johansson has a total of zero Hollywood Academy Awards. An anomaly that could have changed in 2020, but ultimately did not.

The actress made two appearances in headlines with Oscar flavor: in an anti-Nazi satire. jojo rabbit Of taika waititi And, most of all, in the new divorce drama Noah Baumbach: A wedding story, from where they were separated adam driver He won over the critics and the public. Both earned their nominations, but the Best Actress Oscar went to renee zellweger (Judy) And Best Supporting Actress for her partner Laura Dern (A wedding story).

But Marvel Universe, no

For many years, Marvel Studios is due on its film Black Widow. This ultimately came in the difficult year of the pandemic, leading to a clash between the actress and Disney over the film’s streaming premiere.

After Natasha’s sacrifice Avengers: Endgame (2019), black mother It allows us to delve into the character’s past and, for Johansson, bring closure to one of the most important phases of her career. forever? You never know in the world of superheroes.

life after marvel

asteroid city, With the full nude comment, this has been the biggest premiere for Scarlett Johansson since hanging up her Natasha uniform. A declaration of intentions regarding the path on which he wants to take his post-superhero career, where all kinds of projects accumulate, whose connection always makes them more attractive.

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