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One of the direct consequences of the triumph of streaming music platforms such as Spotify was the drop in digital and physical format sales within the industry. Traditional sales media have already suffered with the arrival of the iPod and piracy: paying for a digital download (or simply downloading a song and consuming it for free) plunged the sector into a crisis that worsened with the arrival of streaming.

Spotify’s triumph has not only been that people pay for music again (the platform closed 2022 with more than 490 million monthly active users, of which 205 corresponded to premium users), but also The artists’ way of working also changed: many opted for the single format to gradually release music without the need for a recording project behind it. Excluding the big international stars, small and medium-sized artists preferred to drop hints of their work and stay on the scene than to fail and get into debt with the large financial investments that launching a physical album to the market entails.

Today, however, we move between the past and the present to vindicate some of the songs by national and international artists that should have been released as singles. Inside each album there are little jewels that only true fans of a singer get to hear, because the promotion of these songs does not go beyond live concerts and the release of the album. Songs that you would love to hear on stage or on a night out and for the whole world to chant, but that did not happen precisely because they were not part of the radio formulas and the usual promotional channels. Here we show you some.

Taylor Swift – Cruel Summer and New Romantics

17 years after starting his musical career Taylor Swift is one of the most important artists in the industry internationally. There is nothing that can resist her: the ability to capture her experiences in her songs and to mobilize her fans around the world make her one of the singers with the highest number of physical sales even in a time of lean times. Today we have to claim Cruel Summer (of his stage lover) and New Romantics (of 1989 Deluxe Edition) like the songs that deserved their own video clip and promotion before the release of their albums. Two contemporary classics that we will not tire of claiming.

Harry Styles – Cinema

Harry Styles fulfilled a dream a few weeks ago when he managed to take home the Grammy for best album of the year for Harry’s House. A third solo album that has undoubtedly brought him much joy. At the time we could listen to three singles: the mythical As It Was, Late Night Talking and Music For a Sushi Restaurant. Apart from this holy trinity for the British, we recommend Cinemaa song that a part of his fans associates with the actress and filmmaker Olivia Wilde.

Katy Perry – Not Like The Movies

Katy Perry was one of the undisputed queens of music before the advent of streaming in the industry. Only between 2011 and 2012 the singer managed to sneak into the Guinness Book of Records for selling 19 million copies of Tteenage dream, his second album, all over the world; but the sales figures for singles have nothing to envy: 13 million copies for california gurls12 million for Teenage Dream17 million for Firework13 million for ET9.4 million for Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) and 6.5 million for The One That Got Away are an example of this. On this occasion, however, we cannot stop recommending Not Like The Moviesa full-fledged Californian ballad.

María Escarmiento – Above all from me

María Escarmiento has conquered half of Spain with the release of her first album, witch thingswhich includes in his track list his makinera version of YOU CAN COUNT ON ME from The Ear of Van Gogh. There are many advances that we have been able to hear from the album in recent months (advances that, among other things, have made the Madrilenian sold out on her way through Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid). However, our favorite is Especially from me.

Quevedo – Give me

in a matter of a year Quevedo has become one of the Spanish artists with the most international projection. More than 34 million listeners listen to his songs monthly and, after the success of his session with Bizarrap, the canary released his debut album on January 20: where i want to be. In it and include the hits of him Punto G or Vista al mar, but today we recommend give to mehis collaboration with Omar Montes.

Miley Cyrus – Jaded

Miley Cyrus broke all streaming records this year with Flowers, the release of the first single from Endless Summer Vacation; album that premiered on March 10. On the same day of the launch, it gave River the single category, with its own promotion and a video clip. However, we we want to recommend jadeda song that feels like Side B of Flowers, where Miley Cyrus recreates a past relationship that ended fatally and asks herself “after everything she’s experienced, was it necessary to end like this?” It seems that there are still melons to open in her relationship with Liam Hemsworth.

Aitana – Better than you

It is difficult with the dizzying trajectory that he has experienced in recent years to think of a song by Aitana that, whether it was a single or not, it hasn’t become a real hit. Only with the end of his tour last year, the 11 REASONS MÁS TOUR, he managed to fill the Wizink Center in Madrid three times and the Palau Sant Jordi once by hanging the “sold out” sign. at this time we we want to recommend Better than you, from his first album. A song that to this day continues to be an example of pop excellence.

Adele – My Little Love

Adele and her latest album, 30has given us one of the great songs so far this decade: easy on me. However, despite her record sales and single streams, the songs that haven’t been featured in her fourth album previews haven’t performed great on Spotify for an international artist (eight of them don’t exceed 100,000 streams). daily and 3 do not reach 50,000). We love my little love: a love letter and apology to his son Angelo, the love of his life.

Bad Bunny – We’ll talk tomorrow

Bad Bunny He is another of the indisputable artists on the international scene. The Puerto Rican closed 2022 becoming the most listened to artist on Spotify globally for the third consecutive yeargetting a nomination for Best Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards after the release of his latest album: A summer without you Absolute leader of the streaming era, he has been able to choose the singles for each of his albums very well. We close this collection recommending Let’s talk tomorrow along with Duki and Pablo Chill-E.

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