From beauty queen to doctor and trainer

Lizmary Nazario Irizarry gets up early every day to give a crossfit class and a zumba class at the Healthy Body Factory gym in Lajas and, after the intensity of these routines, she puts on her general practitioner’s gown to attend to her patients, whom she encourages to exercise .

The office is located in the same facilities where she gave the training, since the versatile woman from Lajena, who was fourth runner-up in the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2006 pageant, understands that good health is more than just prescribing medicine.

That is why, before graduating from the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine in Caguas, Lizmary was on her way to creating a different medical system, aimed at preventing diseases through exercise, weight control and healthy eating, right in town. who saw her grow up.

“I was not going to be a doctor but a pilot. I had won a scholarship to study aviation when I was in eleventh grade, but my mom was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery. But to study aviation I had to move from Puerto Rico and that month was the decisive one. There I decided to start at the Colegio de Mayagüez as a pre-medical while I was waiting for the course that my mother’s situation would take,” said the businesswoman, model, dancer, trainer and doctor.

“Everything went very well, it’s been 20 years cancer-free. So when I started, I liked it and said, ‘I’m fine here, I’m where it is.’ She was the captain of the flag bearers of Mayagüez, she went down to dance with a group of Lajas, I never left this. From the age of 17 she worked in Recreation and Sports of the Municipality of Lajas and I started giving aerobics, ”said the 39-year-old Lajeña.

One of the experiences that marked Lizmary’s life was her participation in the Miss Puerto Rico pageant.

“It was during the year of Zuleyka Rivera in 2006 and that gave my life an incredible turn. I was fourth finalist, I had a great time, I enjoyed it and then I started at the School of Medicine. But I left thinking that I had to go back to my town and do something, this dance and exercise have been in my blood”, confessed the female raised in the Papayo de Lajas neighborhood.

“I kept studying and working, giving modeling classes with Shanira Blanco on weekends in Carolina and in my last year I already had the scaffolding of what I wanted to do. The objective was to make a service integration center that had exercises, that the doctor was here, nutrition, everything. So I finished the proposal and sent it in, but I gave it up,” she recalled.

Thus, the general practitioner achieved her dream and once she graduated, she returned to Lajas to give back to her people the love and support she received in each of her projects.

“Most patients go to their primary care doctor and, if they have high blood pressure or diabetes, they give them a little pill to get better. Then the patient starts taking the pill, but when it comes time to take it off, they don’t do it because they haven’t finished the exercise and eating right part. I think that before we get to the pill we should start exercising and eating well”, she stated.

“If they send you to a doctor who is going to prescribe pills, we are taking the easy way. Here the doctors evaluate the health conditions that the patient has. Then it goes through our hands and goes to the trainer who does an evaluation, a routine, I make a weight control plan, and, if necessary, you can choose between me being your primary doctor or simply going to the gym,” he added, noting that “most people are also my patients.”

In fact, the health concept created by Lizmary generates about 15 jobs and allows her to be close to her siblings. This since the other doctor is her sister Nariely Nazario.

“It’s a nice thing because my other sister is a nurse and also works here. My brother is the administrative manager of the gym while I’m gone,” she mentioned.

In this way, the Lajeña doctor begins a daily routine that, although it is very intense, assures that it makes her happy.

“It’s a really cool little time, I teach Zumba, I’m a crossfit instructor, so my patients exercise with me and take care of me. Many times I leave my crossfit class, sweaty to attend to the patients I have in the morning. Then I take a shower, I change and we continue with the rest, but I love it, I’m happy, ”she insisted.

But her hectic schedule does not end there, but the doctor also works at the La Concepción Hospital in San Germán, after covering all the roles in the family health center.

“It is one of the hospitals in the western area where a lot of elderly patients are treated, a lot of trauma is seen. I am a generalist, but I work as an emergency specialist with the ambulance area, stretchers, whatever arrives. Many of these patients only know me from the gym and when they open the door and see me as a doctor, they are surprised, ”she confessed, drawing a wide smile on her face.

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