From bed, Kendall Jenner conquers Instagram with tight look

kendall jenner It continues to be talked about on social networks and in the media dedicated to the show. It is that the model and businesswoman always looks beautiful and without any effort. Her statuesque figure and her exclusive designs that she uses position her as one of the great references of the fashion.

Kendall Jenner posing. Source: Instagram @kendalljenner

Belonging to the famous family Kardashian-Jenner, its imprint shares genes but in its DNA the details that make it unique stand out. Their more than 271 million followers they realize its splendor and she knows that with a simple movement or a glance they are enough to awaken a whirlwind of flashes around her.

The last friday, kendall jenner created that whirlwind. A transparent dress hugged her body during a dinner in Los Angeles. It was a design Ludovic de Saint Sernin that revolutionized the paparazzi and then blew up social networks. The style of the design, say those in the know, can only be properly displayed on people with the style and confidence that come with Jenner.

Anyway, this transparent dress It is not the first that Kendall Jenner dares to use. There are multiple examples in which the model has stunned her fans and it seems that it is one of her strengths. Added to the strict care she has over her body, the sexy businesswoman find in this trend something more to share, something more to offer.

Kendall Jenner’s post on Instagram

Kendall Jenner posing. Source: Instagram @kendalljenner

The transparent design of Ludovic de Saint Sernin not only stole sighs in Los Angeles during that dinner. True to her style, Kendall Jenner showed it on the Instagram platform, with her eyes fixed on the camera and in sexy poses that quickly won the likes of those who admire the beauty and art of good dressing.


From the sofa, Kendall Jenner rocked the net in a tight swimsuit

Take a deep breath before you see what Kendall Jenner looked like in her childhood

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