from Britney Spears to Elon Musk

In terms of originality, Americans never seem to miss a beat; in this case it is the ‘list’ of names for pets. In addition to the classic Fido, Lucky or Star, there are also original names that recall or pay homage to celebrity. From Britney Spears to Elon Musk there are several unusual names used especially in 2021; to reveal the international portal of services for pets Rover.

After all, when it comes to choosing the name for your pet you can be taken by doubts and uncertainties; but if, in most cases, the decision is based on correct names, other times one could fall into the error of opting for inappropriate names. However, just as for people, even for pets the name may tend to (sympathetically) define the personality of the animal.

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The list of unusual names for pets

Every year Rover compile a curious list with the names of the most popular pets throughout the year; the names are then shared with users on the site. In 2021 it was interesting to note that in America, among the most popular names for pets, the virologist of the White House Dr. Fauci. While many animals keep the classic names like Daisy or Max for dogs or Luna and Leo for cats, others have opted for choices that also reflect the times who run; in this sense, for example, the incredible number of dogs and cats Dr Fauci, Britney Spears and Elon Musk is emblematic.

Dog owners who surely have watched the series are also added to the list Disney + The Mandalorian; to prove it by the fact that Grogu (the name of one of the protagonists of the series) seems to have been among the most popular. Then there are the ‘red carpet’ names; with names that evoke the stars of the gods red carpet more famous. Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, Aretha Franklin for cats, while for dogs the choice focuses on the fandom of BTS, the K-pop group. Among the most original and unusual are the owners who thought it was nice to give their pets names that are inspired by cryptocurrencies: Doge and even Bitcoin among the most popular four-legged names. As the American edition of Mashable, Rover compiled the name list based on the millions of names entered by pet owners. Certainly a singular list, with names perhaps to be avoided, but some that perhaps can be inspired by for the next puppies that will arrive in the house.

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