From Christian Nodal to Taylor Swift, the artists who have sung to their exes

After the launch of Shakira’s new song in collaboration with Bizarrap, a topic in which the Colombian singer saved nothing and launched everything she had saved against her ex-partner Gerad Piqué, other couples have been reminded on the internet that they They have sent messages through their songs.

Lupita D’Alessio – “That Man”

One of the artists that has been most remembered in recent hours is Lupita D’Alessio, an artist who has been active since 1971, and who during an important stage of her life also had a love affair with a soccer player.

It was the Chilean Carlos Reynoso, who directed Club América, who was related to the interpreter of “Mudanzas”, however the relationship did not end well at all, it was even assured that due to the psychological damage the singer received from the then coach, was that the relationship came to an end.

The song that is awarded to him at the end of the relationship between Lupita and Carlos is the song “Ese hombre” which was released just after the breakup in 1982.

Christian Nodal – “We are no longer nor will we be”

Another media moment was the break between the singer Christian Nodal and Belinda, especially due to the situations that involved their separation, from an ostentatious marriage proposal, tattoos dedicated to Belinda by Nodal, to the publication of screenshots where Christian exposed conversations with the interpreter of “Egoísta”.

After the breakup, neither of the two artists missed the opportunity to release a song that was apparently dedicated.

Just months before the breakup, the artists had released a collaborative single titled “Si nos dejan” published on June 2, 2021, on the cover of which they appear posing together, but by February 22, 2022, Nodal was already dedicating one of his releases to Belinda, the song “Ya no somos ni seremos”.


In his album entitled “Papi Juancho”, which Maluma released in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, he dedicated one of his songs to his ex-partner, the influencer Natalia Barulich, who, at the end of the relationship he had with Maluma, was seen with a new suitor. , Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr.

In the song titled “Hawai”, Maluma mentions to Natalia that they even saw her crying for ending the relationship with him, among other things. The song currently remains the singer’s most streamed song on the Spotify platform with over a billion streams.

Luis Miguel – “Guilty or not”

Dedicated to his first love Mariana Yazbek, the song “Guilty or not”. Although this was unknown, during the singer’s bioseries it was revealed that this song was sung to that woman he fell in love with when he was just 17 years old.

Composed by Juan Carlos Calderón and included in the album “Busca a una mujer”, released in 1988, curiously it was a song that at first the interpreter of “Un te amo” rejected because he refused to let the composer talk about his personal life, but ended up accepting after an argument with whoever was his first love.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has not been satisfied with dedicating a single song to a particular ex-partner, but has had no reservations to attack several of them in different songs.

One of the songs that have been dedicated to his ex-partners are “Dear John” to the composer John Mayer who is 12 years older than Taylor, “Better than revenge” to Joe Jonas despite having only been in a relationship for three months, and “Back to December” to Taylor Lautner, remembered for being one of the protagonists of the Twilight saga and All too well for his chaotic relationship with fellow actor Jake Gyllenhaal

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