From ‘Corazón partío’ to Michael Jackson’s humanist song: hits that started the year at No. 1 | Videos | from 40 to 1

Several of the songs we remember this week in The time Machine We already rescued them last week, for a simple reason: there are not a few cases of songs that closed a year at number one and repeated at the top at the beginning of the next. He did it just a year ago easy on me of Adele, who after climbing to the first position on December 25, 2021, did not move from there seven days later, on January 1, 2022. It was his third week as number one, Well, it had also been in November 2021. As you will remember, easy on me It was the advance single from what is still the last album by the British company, 30, and it reached number one in sales practically all over the world.

He also managed to link two years in the lead blame me by Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato. On December 30, 2017, she won the gold medal for the first time, and on Three Kings Day 2018, five years ago, she retained it. And to continue the streak, Gangnam Style, from PSY, did the same between 2012 and 2013, ten years ago. It was the first major international success of K-Pop, number one in more than 30 countries and its video obtained the Guinness record for being the first to surpassed the figure of 1,000 million views on YouTube. (Today it has more than 4,600 million.)

Fifteen years ago, the number one of LOS40 a week like the current one was for No one, of Alicia Keys, the phenomenal R&B singer and pianist. It belonged to her third album, As I am. And we continue with big names, in this case of rock: U2 topped the list on January 4, 2003, twenty years ago, with Electrical storm, issue from which two versions came out, one more pop and another produced by William Orbit, a specialist in electronic music —he also produced Madonna—, which was the one that triumphed on the list.

Do you want more big names? Well, one from here: Alejandro Sanz. With his most acclaimed song: Broken heart. your album More had come out in September 1997, but the first single to be released was the ballad And what if it was her? It wasn’t until November when it was released Broken heart, and madness broke out. She reached number one on LOS40 on January 3, 1998 (and would repeat the following week); More would become the best-selling album in history in Spain (six million copies to date); and Alejandro, the artist with the most number ones on our list: 25. And to end the section, the greatest among the greats: the King of Pop. With Heal the world, a humanist song in which he asked that we leave a better world for our children, Michael Jackson was number one on January 2, 1993.

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