From Danny de Vito to Colin Farrell: the incredible transformations in the cinema

In the world of cinema, actors change their accent, gain or lose weight, use makeup and prosthetics, and even learn a sport or certain skills to play the roles that require extreme changes.

Over the years, actors in Hollywood have proven their professionalism with amazing transformations with which they manage to mimic their true appearance. For artists who accept roles that require such radical physical changes, it is often a sign of their commitment to doing their work.

The transformations in the cinematographic world they have impacted viewers either because it is achieved through natural methods such as loss or increase in size or by enhancing makeup and prosthetics.

Some actors have made a career from this type of physical change, among the most prominent is the Christian baleconsidered one of the most genuine representatives of Stanislavski’s interpretive method and one of the most versatile performers in cinema due to his mastery of different accents and his ability to undergo harsh diets and training to achieve various physical transformations.

batman”, the film by director Matt Reeves, gave the public great moments, partly due to the quality of the cast that makes it up. One of them is Colin Farrell, the Irishman who gave life to “The Penguin”, one of the best known villains of Gotham City.

Colin Farrell It had a whole make-up and wardrobe work that made it absolutely unrecognizable. His work was so remarkable that even his own son did not recognize him and there were those who did not recognize the actor. But his transformation, of course, is not the only one in this art. Throughout the history of cinema, we have witnessed great transformations. Next, we review some of them:

Colin Farrel as “The Penguin” in “The Batman.”
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Christian bale, who dressed as Batman for Christopher Nolan’s tapes, gave life to a worker upset by an accident, where he had to lose more than 20 kilos to play this character. Later, he sported a muscular and toned body in “Dawn Rescue” and ended up as “Dick Cheney,” putting on several pounds to look like the real character in the movie “Vice.” When it comes to changes, he takes them to the maximum.

Christian Bale and his incredible physical transformations.
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Another of the impressive transformations in the cinema where his true appearance is difficult to recognize. Al Pacino He used various prostheses to modify his features in Dick Tracy”, film where he played “Big Boy Caprice“.

Al Pacino plays “Big Boy Caprice” in “Dick Tracy.”
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Another method actor case, similar to Christian bale. Jared Leto, first, in his role in “Dallas Buyers Club”, where she played “Rayon”, the trans woman who is the protagonist of the story. And then her role as “Paul Gucci”, a fat and bald man. This is another example of excellent makeup and costume work.

Jared Leto shows his versatility as an actor.
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Another of the most impressive characterizations is that of Danny deVito as “The Penguin” in “Batman”. Under a heavy layer of makeup, a fake nose and a wig, the famous actor took on the role of the villain in “batman returns”, by Tim Burton. With the director’s signature touch, this is an iconic character in film.

Danny de Vito in his character of “The Penguin” in “Batman Returns”.
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During the first makeup test, it took the team eight and a half hours to transform Carrey into his character from the “grinch“, and he was wearing so many layers of makeup, prosthetics and clothing that the actor felt as if he were being buried alive.”Grinch” won a Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyle.

He was so frustrated that he wanted to quit, so the production team hired a torture specialist to teach the actor distraction techniques so he could endure the process. Finally, the training paid off, because Jim he had to go through that process more than a hundred times during the shoot.

Jum Carrey’s transformation as the “Grinch”.
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Dark Hour” it was worth Gary Oldman the Oscar, but the award for the most impressive transformation of the actor on the screen goes to “Hannibal”. Oldman starred in the 2001 crime thriller as “Mason Verger,” a disfigured child rapist with a disfigured face.

Makeup artist Greg Cannom explained to “The Guardian” that “I knew we could get away with it more than any other actor. The first thing he said was: ‘Can we stretch my eye open?’ “No lips, no cheeks, no eyelids. It’s really disgusting. I’ve been showing people pictures (of Oldman as Verger), and they all just go, ‘Oh my God,’ and walk away, which makes me really happy.”

Gary Oldman and his character “Mason Verger” in “Hannibal.”
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who was behind The Mole on “fantastic four”? was the actor Michael Chickliswho had to carry a suit of 27 kilos of latex that made him spend many hours in the makeup area, but this is not all, because the actor confessed that he was very hot inside the suit.

Michael Chiklis as “The Mole”
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margot robbie shocked fans with her makeup-driven transformation into Queen Elizabeth I in “the two queens”. Makeup artist Jenny Shircore spoke to Deadline about the process, saying the smallpox Elizabeth in real life it became the basis for transforming the face of the actress.

“It would mean there were scars left there, which she would need to cover up, which would mean she wore thick white makeup, blocking out that wonderful Margot Robbie lower lip. Of course, I used the same technique with her eyebrows. Elizabeth had very fine eyebrows, while Margot had lovely, big, dark ones. I placed the blisters and boils along the areas that she eventually wanted to cover with makeup, thereby changing Margot’s face, giving her the iconic look,” she said.

Margot Robbie as Queen Elizabeth I in “The Two Queens.”
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To become “whitey bulger”, the leader of a criminal group, in “criminal pact”, Johnny Deep she worked with her trusted makeup artist, Joel Harlow. For this film, the makeup team focused on giving the multifaceted Johnny piercing, cold blue eyes, lighter skin, and stained teeth. What’s more, Johnny Deep He wore a silicone prosthesis on half of his face, into which each hair was inserted by hand, resulting in a more realistic look.

Johnny Depp in his role as “Whitey Bulger”.
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