From Don Draper to Elon Musk-style tech billionaire: Jon Hamm charts 70 years of toxic masculinity

Hamm as Paul Marx, a tech billionaire who is not Elon Musk but looks like him.

  • In his most relevant television role since ‘Mad Men’, the actor plays a billionaire on Jennifer Aniston’s series ‘The Morning Show’.

  • His new character in the AppleTV+ series, Paul Marx, is considered by critics to be a more or less hidden transcript of Elon Musk.

  • With his quirky and distressed portrayal of publicist Don Draper, Hamm managed to establish a television icon… even though he seemed like a ‘terrible’ person himself.

In the first episode of the third season of ‘The Morning Show’, Billionaire and tech titan Paul Marx -played by Jon Hamm- is seen piloting his own space rocket. Testosterone craving Which, in fact, can only be shared by other distinguished and megalomaniacal members of the 1% of humanity -Zuckerberg, Bezos, Musk– Those who have traveled into space, or to the depths of the underwater world, or to their own virtual reality.

Elon Musk assures that he will be able to implant chips in the human brain in a few months

like some of them, Marx is a charismatic plutocrat And what he wants is despair Wants to enter the world of telecommunications And for this purpose the television network, for which the main characters including Jennifer Aniston work, is planning. Well, it’s Elon Musk, without saying it is. And it’s interesting because Hamm rose to global stardom playing Don Draper, A hierarchical and calculating propagandist (“What you call love was invented by people like me to sell nylon stockings.”) which perfectly represents 60s masculinity. An extraordinary role because we couldn’t evaluate Don without putting him in context. And this is that Draper his everlasting cigaretteWith his bottle of whiskey always at hand, his supply of new shirts in the desk drawer and his gel in his hair, he was also a seducer: bright, strong, determined, confident, mysterious, And of course, also a cunning, misogynist and selfish. What do we understand more or less toxic masculinity,

To such an extent that the actor himself tolerated it very little: “Okay, It’s not his fault he’s been harmed, but he really is a terrible man.” He told Glamor magazine in 2014. “I would say to people, ‘Is that really the guy you want to be?’ OK, buy a nice suit and do your hair, but don’t want to copy all the other parts of the character.” Touche. However, perhaps what concerned him most was the character’s appeal to female audiences: “And I think it’s crazy when women like Don., Really, there are better people.”

Don Draper, a character as charismatic and charming as he is poisonous. 60’s thing?

Cigarettes, Twitter and other harmful habits

But if there was ham in ‘Mad Men’ He The type of man his portrait of Paul Marx (or the screenwriters) does not fail to represent Another masculinity, no matter how contemporary, is less sexual, We’re talking about the archetype of the megalomaniacal billionaire. This type of person is less aggressive in appearance, More open, more aware of the rapid changes taking place in the world and, in this sense, less conservative, They are visionaries who aspire to ultimately shape the world according to their norms. And in many ways they are doing so.

The character himself says this in what seems to be an indication of the arc of toxicity drawn between both Don Draper and Paul Marx/Elon Musk: “We can all agree at this point that It’s probably healthier to smoke a pack of cigarettes than log on to Twitter,


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