From Ed Sheeran to Dua Lipa: The phobias our favourite artists confronted

Like us, our favourite artists have sure fears that have an effect on your life to a larger or lesser extent. In this manner, they remind us that they’re individuals too, and that they’ve the identical issues once they get off stage as we do. that is how he tells us Some of an important phobias of the musical number of Gorka Rodríguez CADENA 100,

Ed Sheeran

british singer is struggling acrophobia, worry of heights, This doesn’t seem to have affected his profession, as his live shows would have been restricted had he not boarded the airplane. This downside can also be quite common within the society. Zayn Malikdisbanded members in the identical course,

dua lipa

Leading star of hit films like ‘One Kiss’ or ‘New Rules’ Clostrophobia, worry of enclosed areas, When requested early in his profession what his biggest worry was, he replied: “Suffocation. Don’t know why. I’m really scared of suffocation.” It makes us marvel much more on the subject of essentially the most life-changing time forward of her, who’s on the verge of changing into a music icon.

David Guetta

was french dj seen terror throughout his profession. After separating from his spouse, Cathy Guetta, in 2014, he discovered it tough to get again on stage. This was exacerbated as a result of his former associate was additionally his supervisor, for whom David Guetta lived. a tricky scenario Which enabled him to proceed giving us his nice songs.


The British winner of 16 Grammy Awards suffers from an odd worry, the ornithophobia, He is afraid of birds, due to a traumatic second that occurred to him. a seagull through which the animal left a wound on its shoulder,

Justin Biber

The Canadian singer is barely 29 years outdated, nevertheless it looks like he is been with us perpetually. Justin’s identification on this lengthy profession has been mysophobia, worry of germs, He himself stated that when he grabs maintain of one thing sticky you must wash your arms rapidly, the deceased additionally had this phobia Michael Jackson,

Britney Spears

Fear of Britney is sort of widespread amongst individuals. ophidiophobia is worry of snakes, The American suffers from it, so we marvel how she managed to carry out on the 2001 VMAs with an albino python on her shoulders.

minogue kylie

Kylie Minogue Fears She’s Far More Freaky coat hangers, The artist cannot stand having this piece of furnishings round him: “I hate putting things on the rack. i’m afraid of coat racksI don’t like the way it sounds when you put them on.”

And you, do you might have the identical phobia as any of those artists?

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