From Exorcism to Narcissism: What’s the Dark Triad in Sexual Affection

sexual immorality They are the order of the day. more and more people realize that trickery, broken promisesand to end everything with surprise abandonment,

Although Evil spirit (phantom behavior) is one of the existing methods of “erasing” the first months of love conquest, This is even in already established relationships, With loving commitment.

Deception is a complex social behavior that takes various forms, occurs in many contexts, and arises in everyday human interactions. It is a deliberate attempt, whether successful or not, to conceal, fabricate, or manipulate information through verbal or non-verbal means. to create or maintain trust in another Which the communicator himself believes to be false. Although the term is often confused with lying, there are differences: Information that is disseminated in a lie is falseDeception, on the other hand, is more comprehensive and serious, it includes all behavior that is done to support a lie.

Ignoring the person next to us is a step towards despair and breakdown (Getty)Ignoring the person next to us is a step towards despair and breakdown (Getty)

the evidence shows that The motivations that lead to lying are usually two: to protect interpersonal relationships that, if revealed, would be harmful to the other person or gain social status, power, mental reaffirmation. so they are considered lies to protect others (white lies) and necessary lies to protect honor, As reinforcement for the self (harmful lies). A study published in Actas Psychologicas (2022) concluded that liars lie 5 times more on average than normal and that their perception allows them to better pick up on other people’s lies, in addition to improving their own personal interest. Gives

now if Lie it’s a mental construct need behaviors or strategies purposes that reveal them

it is called dark triad (Dark Triad) Three behavioral traits lacking respect, ethics and empathy, It is present in interpersonal relationships in general and in emotional sex in particular.

The Dark Triad Happens With Long-Term Relationships Too (FreePick)The Dark Triad Happens With Long-Term Relationships Too (FreePick)

1) machiavellianismTo manipulate, to deceive another, even to make the other believe that he is guilty of the situation. People with these qualities often play “tough” by challenging the other person to win them over.

2) arrogance: exaggeration of one’s own abilities, eg: beauty, charm, intelligence, power, truthfulness. And they also lack empathy. They use power subtly until they get what they want.

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3) psychiatry: Violating the rights of others, without feeling guilt, without remorse. This characteristic includes possession, subjugation, even violent action.

It is often the case that either person in the relationship has reasons to support the white lie. It is often the case that either person in the relationship has reasons to support the white lie.

frequent behavior ghosting or disappearing without explanation Is heavily influenced by apps and social networks, creating the illusion that everything is going well, when in fact, other interests are placed on other profiles that seem more attractive than the current relationship.

Although ghosting has been studied more during the courtship stages, You’re also growing relationships that are already strongWith varying degrees of commitment. Studies show that people who experience ghosting in the early stages of courtship are more pleasure seekers than commitment seekers. They love casual sex, they lack empathy And they avoid the conversations that lead to the end of a relationship.

The deep motivation that drives this type of action is the reward of your honor, finding oneself attractive, that You can conquer and test your sexual actions. Everything lives in a triumph that is more personal than relational. And when you’ve already gone through other past haunting experiences, you’ll be more likely to repeat them without the benefit of suffering.

People usually resort to common phrases to show that they are not having a good time as a couple (Getty)People usually resort to common phrases to show that they are not having a good time as a couple (Getty)

in long term relationships, Although it is more difficult and it is also possible Exorcism is gradual, In practice it does not cease to have similar characteristics to the Dark Triad. It is often the beginning of everything “I don’t know what’s wrong with me”, “I’m confused”, “I need some time”, “It’s not because of you, I still love you, it’s because of me”, all of these phrases and many others appear in the context of a relationship, leaving the other without an explanation or precise answer.

Everything is strange, uncertain, strange, however, Avoidance behavior is progressing: leaving the family chat group, keep messages to a minimum stop going out with your partner and friends in common. Gradually, the love and sex life fizzles out until the decision to leave the relationship or cohabitation is made without clear explanation. Bisexual Machiavellian Behavior: I Am and I Am Not It will remain valid, as well as the famous phrase “It’s not for love, I love you, it’s for something that happens to me”. The other feels himself trapped in a trap from which it is difficult to get out, he needs an immediate explanation to soothe the anguish caused by the uncertainty, the alienation of living a reality that is not entirely is not defined by

When the Dark Triad appears, the relationship becomes unequal (loses likeness or symmetry): someone has the power to decide without being told. Is it useful to keep insisting on an answer that may turn out to be another lie in order to get out of the case?

It is useless to continue seeking answers when in fact everything has been said: the narcissist is already satisfied with love, he needs other rewards; The Machiavellian will continue to manipulate from afar (“I still love you, but I can’t be with you”) and the psychopath will leave his mark on the other: guilt, self-reproach, destroyed self-esteem, bruises on the body. and soul. don’t insist that i come back and replyInstead, the healthiest behavior would be to reach out and ask for help, learning to be alone until new, more promising and true opportunities emerge. And even if they do hurt, it’s better that way.

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