From Gisele Bündchen to Netflix, Apple and Binance: who are the creditors of FTX, the bankrupt crypto company

Gisele Bündchen and her ex-husband, American football star Tom Brady, had made heavy investments in FTX REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/File Photo
Gisele Bündchen and her ex-husband, American football star Tom Brady, had made heavy investments in FTX REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/File Photo

In an extensive list that occupies 116 pages, highly anticipated by the market, the names of the creditors of the bankrupt company FTX appeared, the venture of Sam Bankman Friedaccused of multiple crimes and who will face his trial next October.

in the list of almost 10 million customerscompanies like Netflix, Apple, Binance and The Wall Street Journalamong many others, as explained in an article by Coindesk.

The extensive list also names Gisele Bundchen Charitable Giving as creditor. “The Brazilian supermodel and hers then her husband, the American football star Tom Brady, they were famous for their investments in the company, and they even appeared in their Super Bowl ad,” he reminded himself.

In its boom-and-bust career, FTX went on to owe money “to media companies, universities, airlines, and charities,” among others, according to a US court brief filed by the company’s lawyers in bankruptcy proceedings before the Delaware Bankruptcy Court.

Judge John Dorsey, who is overseeing the bankruptcy proceedings, “allowed the names of individual creditors to remain sealed for three months at a hearing in early January, but requested that FTX’s lawyers produce a list of institutions that They invested in the company.

Sam Bankman Fried, leaving the federal courthouse in New York
Sam Bankman Fried, leaving the federal courthouse in New York

Among them, according to the document released by Coindesk Today, “there are media companies such as Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fox Broadcasting and CoinDeskas well as large cryptocurrency companies such as the Coinbase and Binance exchanges. CoinDesk He clarified that he owes him “nothing materially and is on the list for “technical reasons” over a podcast sponsorship signed in the fall that was never executed.”

On the other hand, airlines American Airlines Group, Spirit Airlines and Southwest Airlinesas well as the Stanford University – where the parents of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried serve as professors – and “the university’s credit union were also listed in the document,” the article detailed.

Instead, “the document does not show the amount owed to each, but the company had previously disclosed that owed about USD 3,100 million to its top 50 creditors,” Coindesk clarified.

“Of the previously estimated 1 million FTX creditors, the two largest individual claims were $226 million and $203 million,” the article said.

It should be remembered that, after fleeing to the Bahamas, “Bankman-Fried has pleaded not guilty to fraud charges brought against him by US regulatory bodies in New York.

However, it was underlined, “the bankruptcy of FTX has damaged the cryptocurrency markets and the reputation of the sector”, with a significant drop in the value of the main digital currencies and closures or liquidity problems of several virtual wallets.

Netflix, among the creditor companies of FTX Reuters
Netflix, among the creditor companies of FTX Reuters

For this reason, “regulators now require more vigilance to protect investors from contagion risk. FTX filed for Delaware Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November,” Coindesk concluded.

On his escape journey, Bankman Fried bought properties in the Bahamas, where he spent a few weeks in detention since he was captured at the request of the US authorities.

When he arrived in New York, he was granted the benefit of bail in exchange for USD 250 million, for which he will await the start of his trial, next October, at his parents’ house in California.

During his house arrest, Bankman-Fried will wear a tracking system to monitor his location.

In addition, your passport will be withdrawn and you will receive both psychological and drug abuse treatment, The New York Times reported.

During the time that his confinement lasts, the accused may not spend more than $1,000 without the approval of the Prosecutor’s Office.

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