From his friendship with Rodolfo Sancho to his most wanted project

in the matter of daniel sancho He has traced his father, the famous actor rodolfo sancho, at the center of the news are many more well-known faces who have spoken on the subject. celebrities are the last to speak about it carmen morales And shayla durkle, The dear sisters are enjoying the summer in Madrid and have made some very important confessions. Before going into the details, we must note one important aspect. Both are friends of Rodolfo Sancho, so their words have been very cautious.

Daughters of Rocio Durcal He has reappeared in the capital, he has met a reporter and answered all the questions. The most important thing is that they have shown that there is no problem between them. In recent days some indicated that they were in conflict, but these are all rumours. Carmen and Shayla assure that they are very close, in fact they meet to play games together. Review the projects they have in mind, But, what do you think of Rodolfo Sancho?

anti bomb friendship

Carmen Morales became very famous in the 90s after participating in the series ‘El salir de class’ where she played a role alongside Rodolfo Sancho. Since then they have enjoyed a beautiful friendship which is why she is so discreet when it comes to artist matters. Daniel Sancho has confessed Edwin Arrieta’s life ends in Thailand And in a few months the judge will pronounce the sentence, for the time being he is in pretrial custody.

“It is a very sensitive issue and above all, a very painful issue. I know they are going through a very rough time and it is terrible, terrible. i sent you a messageOf course, but I don’t want to talk about it,” Carmen said. His sister also wants to speak and assures him that she wishes him lots of peace the situation can be resolved As soon as possible and in the “best way for everyone”.

Carmen Morales wants to return to television

The daughters of Rocío Durcal have always enjoyed a privileged position. people follow in their footsteps Over the years and everything suggests that he receives offers quite often. However, she has been withdrawn for a while and now thinks the time has come to return. He scoffed at the possibility that a television network would do a reality show about his family. “We never rule it out. We love to do everything and we always talk about laughing in ‘Las Moralaciones’.”, he comments, pointing to the schedule of the Kim Kardashian clan.

When will they return?

Carmen Morales and Shayla Durkal, despite having always been in fame, have never been in the news. In fact, they are quite discreet carmen has been away for ten years Spanish media’s and only participated in the ‘Your face sounds familiar’ contest, but as a collaborator, not as a competitor. “Those programs are so much fun that you’ll have a good time and that’s all,” he reflects.

Shayla Durkal has followed in her mother’s footsteps in the world of music and is a prolific artist, with hit songs like ‘Convensme’ or ‘Tanto Amor’ behind her.

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