From inseparable to fire him from his house

Angelina Jolie She is one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood today. Despite its dazzling careerwhich captured all eyes in the early 2000s, is making headlines lately for its legal battles after her divorce with Brad Pittand his confrontation with him.

But the relationship with her ex-husband is not the only one in the spotlight. His ties to his brother James Haven they also generate doubts lately among their fans, because of the time they have been without appearing togetherand by some environment declarations of both that point to a possible estrangement. Especially considering that they have always had a more than good relationship.

They are only two years apart, and are children of Marcheline and actor jon voight, with whom Angelina always had a complicated relationship. At the time, James himself spoke to the Daily Mail about it, and recounted how her father had been at home when they were little. According to James, his father was “very harsh”and “never did his job” as a father.

Jon Voight and his children, James and Angelina Jolie

Jon Voight and his children, James and Angelina Jolie | Cord Press

“There were times when it was amazing, but in most of my memories, he looked more at our failures than our strengths”, James recalled then. Years later, Angelina, in an interview with Access Hollywood said that it did not seem “healthy” to be with her father. However, it was her brother who managed to redirect their relationship, and managed to that Jon and Angelina reach a reconciliation.

“At a certain point, I had to leave my pride and my anger aside to work alongside him on a recovery,” he told the Daily Mail. Later in 2010, Voight was first seen in Venice with his grandchildrenthe children of Brad and Angelina, which confirmed the improvement in the relationship with her daughter

The death of his mother Marcheline 2007 was one of those moments where they proved they could count on each other, as James recounted: “couldn’t stop crying. Fortunately, i had angelina by my side when I found out.

Jon Voight and his wife Marcheline Bertrand, mother of Angelina Jolie

Jon Voight and his wife Marcheline Bertrand, mother of Angelina Jolie | Cord Press

Divorce with Brad Pitt was another moment in Angelina’s life where his brother was very helpfuland he was practically the babysitter for his children for a time, even before the couple separated, and the relationship between james and brad was very good, according to sources close to Us Weekly: “Brad holds James in high regard. He has always been incredible with the children and has always been welcome in the couple’s home.”

However, at some point the relationship between Angelina and James seemed to cool down. In January 2021, a source close to her told the Daily Mail that “it is believed that they had a brush years ago“: “For many years it was his best friendhis main company, and a totally devoted brother”.

Angelina Jolie with her brother James Haven

Angelina Jolie with her brother James Haven | Cord Press

Although there is no official explanation for this, R Online published statements from his inner circle that pointed to Angelina’s attitude towards her brother: “I had him as a kind of personal assistantand she was very rude to him when he couldn’t get the kids under control while she was working.”

In addition, one of the most widespread theories is that they discussed and Angelina He fired him leaving his brother “devastated”: “James insists that Angelina ‘ruined his life’ and says that they went from being best friends to enemies overnight”, according to the media ‘New idea’

“Angelina and James they had a big fight after she fired him from being the primary caregiver for her children and They’ve hardly spoken since.”

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