From Khloé to Kylie: here is the sentimental situation of the Kardashian sisters


It’s hard not to notice the huge diamond sported by Khloé Kardashian a few days ago on Instagram. If you have not been blinded by the sparkle, you will also have seen that the ring is not on any finger, but is on the ring finger where, you know, you wear the engagement ring finger.

There is a wedding air in the life of Khloè? No official confirmations have arrived from the direct interested party, but the comment of Tristan Thompson under the shot leaves little room for interpretation.

The youngest of the sisters Kardashian and the basketball player seem to have finally reconciled, after several traumatic break ups (you remember to Jordyn Woods?) and now they would be planning to enlarge the family. Something about it had already come out during an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashian, then to clarify the whole situation came Kris Jenner that a al The Ellen show he said, “It’s great that they’re trying again and thinking about a brother or sister for True. There is nothing better than having a big family.” We just have to wait and see if there will be a wedding or not.

But for the others of the Kardashian clan – Jenner how is love going?


Let’s start with the happy endings. The love story between Kendall and the guard of the Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker, seems to be proceeding at full sail. They have more or less made their relationship official via Instagram with some reposts, comments and sweet shots together on Valentine’s Day.

The day of Easter, the model posted one made with a floral dress in the middle of nature. Booker, from a very proud boyfriend, wrote: “You are beautiful, of course. ” They are adorable I know!


also Kourtney Island he is living his personal romantic fable. For a while there had been talk of rapprochement with his former historian, Scott Disick, and actually he had tried and seemed to be one step away from yet another flashback, but nothing, it did not work: he now makes a fixed pair with the model Amelia Gray Hamlin, while you made public a few months ago your story with Travis Barker, the former drummer of Blink 182.

The couple seems really in love, after years of long friendship. In a recent interview the musician explained that it is a very mature relationship and really important for him: “So far I have always dated girls who did not have children and I found it quite difficult because they did not understand my needs. Now I spend time with a woman who is a fantastic mom and a great friend. And it’s all so wonderful and natural.” If they were ever to write a fairy tale in rock’n’roll sauce they would absolutely be the perfect protagonists.


In this case the matter is a bit more complicated because Kylie, formally, would be single after breaking up with her ex, the rapper Scott, Travis. Among the reasons for the break up there would have been different life goals, but also problems of trust: the make-up guru, in fact, would have discovered some messages on his phone that confirmed more betrayals. Since then she has not been seen with anyone, but the couple would still be very close for the sake of the little one Flocks. They are very present parents and are trying to put aside divisions for the serenity of the child.

However, it would not be just about that. According to several sources close to the couple, the two are still “madly in love” with each other, but they don’t want to label their relationship and are taking time (quite a bit, I would say) to see if they can get back together again. We absolutely cheers for them!


for Kim the sentimental situation is anything but serene. In February it formalized the sepplowing by her ex-husband Kanye West. Now he’s dedicating himself completely to his four children. North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm, and its thousand businesses: from Skims up to its line of perfumes KKW Fragrance. Indeed, it has recently launched a new collection in collaboration with Kendall.

He never commented in any way on the divorce, but to break the silence he thought about it, as often happens, Kris Jenner. Interviewed by an Australian radio station, she explained that now in first place is the well-being of children: «It is a difficult moment – she added – but the important thing is that the children are well. The beauty of our family is that we are always there for each other. But we’ll see something during Keeping up with the Kardashian? for Kris there is little chance of it happening because «Kim he wants to keep everything private and in the family».

I don’t know about you, but I have not yet overcome the trauma of this separation.


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