From Latin America to the world

After BAFWEEK 2023 is over, I am at NYFWEEK, one of the most important fashion events in the world. Where the next season’s collections are presented. During Fashion Week, the latest creations of the most famous brands and new and promising designers are presented.

NY Fashion Week takes place all over the city, where you can see people dressed in fashion to impress the attendees. Many parades are concentrated in the neighborhoods of Tribeca, Chelsea and Brooklyn, where in addition to walking, you can see some guests in spectacular costumes.

During this Fashion Week, and through Belén Baldelomar, President of Inside Studios, I was invited to participate in the Marie Claire Fashion Talk in collaboration with the Argentine Consulate in New York.

The theme that brought us together was the Latin moment and the challenge of strengthening Latin American identity and roots in fashion. In this time of change in the world and with increasing globalization, everything related to Latin American roots is expanding. An area of ​​the world covered with ancient spells, where the past blends with the future and where cultures of all kinds come together to create a unique result.

Time magazine features Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny on its cover for the first time, dressed entirely by Mexican-born designer Willie Chavarría. In whose clothes you can see the diversity and transformative power of Latin cultural heritage.

Gabriela Hearst, the Uruguayan designer, leads another shift in fashion, sustainability, with her own brand and as creative director of Chloé. With a collection based mainly on black and white. The look reflects Hearst’s focus on craftsmanship and recycling. The models paraded to the beat of the music of Fito Páez, our country’s most famous rock star. Export Pride.

Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera was 84 and presented her collection at the Whitney Museum with the help of Wes Gordon. With a collection inspired by the 90s. One of the most respected and prestigious in the world of fashion, leader of the beauty empire and synonymous with Latin elegance. I remember a few years ago they said, “There’s nothing more age-appropriate than dressing young.” Pure style.

Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior designer, with a tribute to Frida Kahlo and Mexican culture that goes beyond fashion. He presented a collection that celebrated the aesthetic rebellion of the iconic artist and addressed relevant social issues. Where it showcased a blend of craftsmanship, history and empowerment, it marked a milestone in fashion and the relationship between Dior and Mexico.

Argentinian model Mica Argarranez, who has been at the top of modeling for almost a decade, has been chosen by YSL for its campaigns. And already an icon of men’s fashion, Argentina’s Iván de Pineda is the host with Dua Lipa of the Versace show.

Latin American influence also extends to other forms of expression.

Urban culture also covers various aspects of daily life, such as music, urban art, language and customs. It is influenced by social, economic and political factors.

Within music, national exponents like Dookie, Tiny and Bizarrap cross all borders, performing and collaborating in different countries. The style of each of them reflects reality and life experiences, addressing themes such as violence, marginalization, love and identity.

Artists such as Tomás Saraceno of Tucumán, who presents his first major exhibitions in Great Britain at the Serpentine Gallery and Kensington Gardens.

Marta Minujín, the queen of pop art, also expands the boundaries by presenting her exhibitions in Brazil and NY.

Latin American influence is seen throughout the world in all forms of artistic expression, which has managed to stand out due to its cultural richness, commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and the influence of Latin celebrities and artists.

Thus achieving an authentic expression before the world of each artist’s identity and experiences.

But because what we are told is fashion and as a result of this Latin American expansion in fashion, the national brand Undefined, composed of Joaquin Pereyra, Ramiro Chimalez and Juan Mazzuca, was invited to present its collection at London Fashion Week.

The brand, created during the pandemic, was presented during BAFWEEK at the Obelisk, symbol of the city of Buenos Aires. 100% export talent.

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