From Lupilo Rivera to Jung Kook, diversity reigns in the hottest songs of August 8 – Music Monitoring System

The week running from July 31 to August 7 brought great musical diversity to Latin America.

Check out the songs that are topping our Hot Songs chart and see for yourself.

hot song Mexico

“Reputation” – Lupilo Rivera

A week after releasing this single, Lupillo Rivera is already a trend in Mexico. A spiteful song that was sent to him by two musicians and fans, and which he liked so much that he immediately recorded it. Meanwhile, Toro del Corrido continues its tour of Mexico.

hot song Use

“To Forget Your Kisses” – Lenin Ramirez & Banda MS, by Sergio Lizarraga

Lenin Ramirez, who released a duet album this year, invited Banda MS to perform this composition by Kiko Torres and Luis Mexia. Sergio Lizarraga’s boys (about to celebrate 20 years of career) accept and bring with them all the power of their band.

hot song Dominican Republic

“Amancio – El Mayor Clásico x Elvis Martinez

Merenguero Elvis Martinez has teamed up with urban artist El Mayor Clásico, a merenhouse that manages to establish itself as one of the favorite songs on Dominican radio in 10 days from its premiere. Fast tempo and impossible to get out of your mind chorus.

hot song Colombia

“Baby Hello” – Rav Alejandro ft. Weird

Not only did BizaRap and Rau Alejandro do a music session when they got together to compose, but this second song is also a tribute to the music that was heard in the 90s.

hot song Guatemala/Central America

“Lala” – Myke Towers

Myke Towers sings in this song, “When something is meant for you, it’s inevitable.” Today it is #1 on YouTube and #2 on Spotify worldwide. In Central America it is inevitable that it is also included in our list.

hot song Ecuador

“Reason” – Mollie ft. hubastank

Jonathan Moli, son of Miguel Moli, scored a goal with his idea of ​​bringing Hobastank’s success from 2005 to Latin rhythms. A collaboration that premiered at the last Premios Juventud and is trending in Ecuador this week.

hot song Venezuela

“East” – Maui Y Ricky ft. joaqui

The Montaner boys are on our list once again with this collaboration with Spanish reggaeton singer La Joaqui. A mix of urban with cumbia that could enter MonitorLatino’s Top 20 next week.

hot song Chilly

“Mind Your Mind” – ft. Britney Spears

Alone or with his band the Black Eyed Peas, It has become a constant presence on our charts. Now he is collaborating again with Britney Spears, with whom he released the anthem “Scream and Shout” 10 years ago. Now they replicate this formula and have become a trend in Chile.

hot song Argentina

“MYA Live P3 What Will Happen” – MYA ft. Dread March II

MYA continues their audiovisual project “MYA Live” and this time they have invited Dread Mar Eye to sing with them. Together they achieve a very innovative mix of romantic pop and reggae that has mesmerized the radio in Argentina.

hot song Uruguay

“The Babies” – Aitana

Now it’s fashionable to revisit 90s dance music classics. That’s the case for Aitana, who has included the chorus of the Whigfield song “Saturday Night” in this summer hymn. With its rhythms, Spanish invites the “kids” to dance the whole night.

hot song Paraguayan

“Seven” – Jung Kook ft. Lotto

One of the members of the Korean band BTS has already achieved 2 Guinness World Records with this song in which he appears as a solo artist again. A collaboration with rapper Lato that has taken over the world charts and is also enthralling radio listeners in Paraguay.

hot song Peru

“Burn” – Ryan Castro, featherweight

The featherweight loves music and if Ryan Castro asks him to step out of his comfort zone and get into reggaeton, he does. This single just happened to be Hot Song #1 in Peru this week.

hot song Bolivia

“Between the Bottles” – Grupo Firme ft. pipe is good

These stars offer us pure weeping and drunkenness in “Entre Botellas,” the story of two friends who have lost the same woman. A theme written by Eduin Caz and Abraham Hernandez.

hot song Puerto Rico

“Don’t Stop” – Natti Natasha

The Dominican is a strong woman, and her response to an attempt at blackmail for an intimate photo is the video for this song, which also talks about missing her partner, who is far away.

hot song Christian

“Hallelujah Glory to the King” – Gateway Worship English

Gateway Worship Español presents this single featuring the voices of Armando Sanchez, Christine D’Clario and Travie Joe. A hymn dedicated to the greatness of God that was released just 10 days ago and is already Hot Songs #1 on our Christian charts.

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