From Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn, the ten most iconic dresses in film history

Regardless of the plot, its protagonists or the year of its release, there are movies that are legendary. Cult cinema, which is how we usually catalog those tapes that seeing them is a must. Most of them go down in cinema history for becoming the benchmark for an entire generation. (and those that follow) and, on many occasions, that reference ends up being also in the world of fashion. With the Marilyn Monroe biopic (and all the controversy generated around the series) just released, we have once again reviewed the most iconic outfits of the actress.

The billowing white dress on Temptation lives above or the spectacular pink dress that she wears in the jazz number of Diamonds are a girl’s best friend (Gentlemen prefer blondes) are some of the most emblematic looks of the actress. Both are part of the long list of iconic dresses in film history. Although they’re not the only ones.

Throughout the history of cinema the costumes have played a huge role in creating a convincing plot. Whether it is because it is a period film, in which the clothing must be faithful to the time it represents in order not to make mistakes, or to load the film with messages and symbolism (Pedro Almodóvar is a specialist in making red the guiding thread of costumes in his films), the fact is that clothing is not something that is left to the cinema random.

Hence, this important part has its own director, who is capable of create an alternate story to the movie through their combinationseven receiving awards for the mastery with which he achieves it (in fact, there are films that only receive awards for costume direction).

Leaving aside the awards and returning to the common imagination, who does not come to mind a black strapless dress combined with XXL gloves when you hear about Gilda? Who doesn’t think of moles when they tell him they’re throwing beautiful woman on TV? And who does not remember Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast with diamonds when they name a little black dress?

All these dresses are part of the history of cinema and, although we try to find an explanation, we are not sure if the reason is the movie, the design or the actress who wears them. Either way, these dresses are part of historyno longer of the cinema, but of which we are writing without becoming aware and many of them are so iconic that they inspire and will inspire collections (beautiful woman has even reached flamenco fashion) and trends from here to the end of time (these designs are well worth a bit of exaggeration).

Marilyn Monroe in ‘Temptation Lives Upstairs’

It may be the most iconic image of Marilyn Monroe and it is, without a doubt, because of the dress. Work of William Travilla, the mythical white dress that the actress wore in Temptation lives above It has all the ingredients to become a legendary movie garment. Simple and elegant, the dress owes the actress and the scene to have become a fashion icon. So much so, that the designer himself, after the death of the actress, kept the design in his collection.

Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

If the previous dress is the most representative of Marilyn Monroe, the famous little black dress of Breakfast with diamonds it is for Audrey Hepburn. Despite the fact that Coco Chanel at the beginning of the 20th century had already outlined what would be the typical black dress for the bottom of the wardrobe (it is much more glamorous to call it little black dress), it was not until Givenchy covered it for the protagonist of breakfast with diamond when it acquired the category of iconic garment. A must-have dress for any event, we’ve all dreamed of wearing one just like Audrey’s while having breakfast outside Tiffany’s (and then going shopping, of course).

Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’

So iconic is the costume in this movie, there’s a print named after it. How could it be otherwise, we are referring to the print of the mythical dress that Julia Roberts wears when she goes to the polo match. Memorable character, that of Julia Roberts has another woman behind her, Marilyn Vance, who is responsible for creating that image through which the personality of the character and her evolution are shown. Her work is the polka dot dress and the spectacular red dress in which Roberts wears to go to the opera and with which she left us one of the most memorable scenes of the film (the closing of the necklace box, totally improvised , with which Richard Gere unleashes the nervous laughter of his co-star).

Nicole Kidman in ‘Moulin Rouge’

He won the Oscar for Best Costume Design in 2001 and we are not surprised. Work by Catherine Martin (she also received the Oscar for Romeo and Juliet (nineteen ninety six), Australia (2008) and The Great Gatsby (2013), the wardrobe of Moulin Rouge Gives for seven items. Spectacular and impeccable, all the outfits that Nicole Kidman wears in the film contribute in an unbeatable way to configure the personality and evolution of the character. We love all the outfits Kidman wears in the movie, but the red dress she sings in One day I’ll fly away and then the duet on the elephant with Ewan McGregor leaves us speechless.

Marilyn Monroe in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’

Marilyn had to appear twice on this list because two are the dresses that have made her a fashion legend in the movies. On this occasion we talk about the spectacular fuchsia pink design with which the actress marks the jazz number in which she sings Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that artists like Madonna or Nicole Kidman herself have covered in the film Moulin Rouge (scene whose dress should also appear in this list)

Kate Winslet in ‘Titanic’

There are two dresses that Kate Winslet wears in titanica They will be remembered for all eternity. The first is none other than the one that the actress wears the first time she appears on screen and with which the viewer falls in love with her forever. A two-piece, very early twentieth century, with a giant hat help to draw the character of Rose and corseted her life. The second, the spectacular red dress with the chiffon and beaded overdress with which Winslet waits for a very young DiCaprio at the foot of the stairs, is a dream come true.

Vivien Leigh in ‘Gone with the Wind’

Designed by Walter Plunkett (who didn’t win the Oscar for Best Costume Design because that category didn’t exist in 1939), the costumes for gone With the Wind it is spectacular and sublime. The suits and dresses, the recreation of the uniforms of the time, the scenery… Everything is majestic in this film, although what really stands out is the green velvet dress that Escarlata O’Hara wears and that she makes with curtains to to be able to ask Rhett Butler for financial help.

Olivia Newton-John in ‘Grease’

It’s not exactly a dress, but it had to be on the list. They say that the leather pants were Olivia Newton John’s own and that once she put them on, she couldn’t do anything but stand up. Probably the actress did not have a good time and the shooting of the scene in which she sings You are the one that I want with a very handsome (and very young) John Travolta it became a bit eternal, but we can not be more grateful to the actress. There isn’t a costume party without a Sandy or a style more captivatingly thug than that of Olivia Newton John in grease.

Rita Hayworth in ‘Gilda’

Men go to bed with Gilda and get up with me. One of the phrases that best define what the character of Gilda meant for Rita Hayworth. Turned into an erotic myth for that dress and that scene, Hayworth is proof that fame and success are not synonymous with happiness. One of the most unfortunate actresses of the golden age of Hollywood, Margarita Cansino (which was her real name) can boast of having masterfully worn one of the most iconic dresses in the history of cinema. Sheathed in a black satin dress, with a strapless neckline and a bow on the back (designed by Jean-Lois), Rita Hayworth stopped being Rita forever and became Gilda for all eternity.

Jennifer Gray in ‘Dirty Dancing’

Baby, I won’t let anyone corner you. The most emblematic phrase of the entire film and that continues to draw applause from those of us who watch the film again every time it is shown on television (it does not matter if we have seen it more than a hundred times). In addition to the phrase Dirty Dancing can boast of having one of the most emblematic scenes in the history of cinema in which, in addition, the actress wears one of those dresses that we consider iconic. The work of Hilary Rosenfeld, the dress in which Baby finally makes the leap is the one we all imagine making the leap in as well.

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