From Miranda! to Dani La Chepi and from Karibe with K to “She Hulk”: things to do this week – TVshow – 08/14/2022

Lots of Argentine music

Four Argentine musical numbers are visiting Montevideo this week. To begin with, the highly successful Miranda! that on the 19th they appear at La Trastienda (tickets at Abitab, 1,500 and 1,800 pesos) in two performances at 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. That same day, the Guasones band comes to celebrate its 30-year career with a show in Sala del Museo (tickets at RedTickets, 1,460 pesos). On Saturday the 20th (with sold-out tickets) and on Sunday the 21st, also in the Museum Room, will be the Argentine rapper Trueno (RedTickets, 1,560 pesos). On Saturday there is Bambi in Magnolio Sala (Tickantel, 1,100 pesos).

lots of country music

This week there is a lot of Uruguayan music. On Wednesday, for example, there is opera at the Solís (Pagliacci with the tenor Carlos Ventre and the soprano María Belén Rivarola); murga in the Sala Camacuá (Araca La Cana) and in the Sala Complex (La Trasnochada). And on Saturday there is indie rock at La Trastienda (La Foca); Uruguayan-Argentine folklore in Sala Zitarrosa (Juan Falú and Toto Méndez); tropical music at the Antel Arena (Karibe with K). And on Tuesday, you will be able to walk that path between classical and popular music that makes Frederick Nathana Uruguayan with an international career who is in Hugo Balzo.

streaming news

Disney+which became the platform with the most users in the world, premieres one of its strong series, she-hulk with Tatiana Maslany like a lawyer who turns green like doctor Bruce Banner (who walks around here as always with the face of Mark Rufalo); It starts on Thursday the 18th. On Netflix, although not as flashy, there are other releases. In movies, for example, my two livesa comedy with Lili Reinhart and royalteen, a Norwegian romantic focused on the teenage world.

For lovers of pets, premieres In the mind of a cat which, they say, reveals new research on the life of felines in the house.

In series premieres Soula Spanish production that enters the always profitable category of youth thriller; Cleoa German that mixes action, some cold war and humor, and echoes who is Australian, has Michelle Monaghan as twin sisters who switch identities.

Stand up from Argentina

To the offer of Uruguayan stand up that always populates the billboards, some Argentine numbers are added. On Friday the 19th there are two important names, for example. In the movie theater this Dani the Chepi which comes with Solo vos, a show that combines a monologue with musical numbers; There are two functions (there is another one on Saturday) and tickets cost 1,250 pesos. In the Stella Theater is Luciano Mellera, a phenomenon on YouTube with his fun and improvised, “Fun Facts.” On Saturday also at the Stella, Martin Dadik and in Budapest Sala is Carla Laneri with her character Hilda.

Spanish film about Uruguayan dictatorship

It is a Spanish film, filmed in Montevideo, with Joaquin Furriel and that takes place in the first years of the Uruguayan military dictatorship. All of that is in the year of fury, the film by Rafa Russo that mixes some stories in the fateful 1972 national. One is that of two writers of a television program pressured to alleviate their political satires and the other that of a military man who tortured and lives a story with a prostitute. In the cast are in addition to Furriel, Martina Gusmann, Maribel Verdu Y Miguel Angel Solá, among others. also premieres Dragon Ball Super: SuperHero.

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