From Penélope Cruz to Nicole Kidman, all the charm of the Red Carpet

Everyone dreams of going through the Hollywood red carpet Photo AmpasE
Everyone dreams of walking down the Hollywood red carpet. (Photo: Ampas/E)

Jessica Chastain, Nicole Kidman, Kevin Costner, Paolo Sorrentino and Sebastián Yatra are some of the entertainment personalities who have already passed through the red carpet through which the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles is accessed where the 94th edition of the Oscar awards.

Australian Nicole Kidman, nominated for Best Actress for “Being the Ricardos” for playing actress Lucille Ball, told reporters that playing the role was “very exciting and challenging” for which she is “happy to have done well.”

“We see his human side and that is something that we committed to with Javier (Bardem), to show their marriage and their love through their life together,” said the protagonist of “Eyes Wide Shut.”

Meanwhile, the Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra, who will perform one of the musical shows that will be heard during the ceremony, with the interpretation of “Dos oruguitas”, nominated for an Oscar for Best Song, belonging to the film “Encanto”, said he was “fulfilling a dream” to be in the ceremony.

The musician confirmed that the director of the film, also nominated for Best Animated Film, Lin-Manuel Miranda, will not be able to attend the gala because his wife tested positive for Covid.

“He was very sorry, but he made that decision to take care of us all,” Yatra said.

Jamie Dornan, the lead actor in “Belfast,” a Kenneth Branagh film nominated in seven categories, including Best Picture and Director. he said it was “important to tell the story of Belfast from the perspective of a local family”.

Actress Kristen Stewart also came to Dolby along with Chilean director Pablo Larraín, leading actress and director of “Spencer.”

At the same time, the deaf and dumb actor of “CODA”, nominated for Best Supporting Actor, Troy Kotsur, stated that he feels “very excited and very proud” of the film that competes in three categories, including Best Picture, and that it sounds like one of the favorites to raise the highest statuette of the Hollywood Academy.

“It was a very long process to develop the project that left us here, being at the Oscars with my wife and children is very moving.”

In this film, Kotsur added, “we had the opportunity to show our culture and our community in depth.”

Spanish actress Penélope, nominated for Best Actress for Pedro Alomdóvar’s film “Parallel Mothers”, said upon entering the ceremony that “being nominated at the same time as my husband (Javier Bardem) is special, we still don’t fully believe it. I am very proud to have brought this film forward with Almodóvar.”

This ceremony will be attended by the actresses and comedians Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes in the role of hosts of the gala, a position that was last held in 2018 by Jimmy Kimmel.

In addition, the delivery will have among the invited musical artists coveted figures such as Beyoncé, and Billie Eilis to perform some of the songs that are nominated for that category at the award ceremony.

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