From platinum blondes to reds: These are ALL the hair trends for spring

The spring arrived with new hair trends With which to say goodbye to the brown and black colors that dominated the whole winter and that all the famous adopted, because now to look fashionable it is more than necessary to fill yourself with the vibes of the season with the most colorful tints.

And we notice that they are colorful because in addition to the platinum blondesthe dyes redscopper and pink are the great sensation of the moment and proof of this is that characters like Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Megan Thee Stallion surprised with changes of look in those who have these shades.

So if you think about taking advantage of the holidays to make a change of look, you should know what are all the hair trends for this spring and make the most of them, but something that we have to warn is that many of them bet on not bleaching all the hair, because what today is the roots in sight.

Blondes and pinks are trending this spring. (Photos: Instagram @gigihadid and @haileybieber)

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This is how blondes should wear this 2022

Although blondes They were not the favorites at the beginning of the year, for the spring they were placed as the favorites of many celebrities, including Gigi Hadid or Eiza González; However, you must keep in mind that it is not about wearing golden hair and that’s it, because there are some styling rules to follow.

well the platinum blondes They are the perfect option to wear this spring season and they look perfect on XL hair and those with Bob cuts, which also remain within the great trends of the year. Although if what you want is to create effects that bet more on white and a somewhat violet glow, you should bet on the Icy Blonde technique that is perfect for cold and warm skin.

The singer Megan Thee Stallion with the Icy Blonde, the most popular of the moment. (Photo: Instagram @theestallion)

And as we anticipated, although totally blonde hair looks glorious, this spring choosing to leave between one and two centimeters of roots visible, especially in black hair. Well, this subtle detail helps to stylize the face and illuminate it.

Closely linked to this trend are also gray tints that allow adult women to begin the transition to gray hair, because if celebrities such as Jean Smart, Halle Berry or Rita Moreno have made it clear, it is that white hair is in fashion and They should be worn with pride.

Halle Berry is a good example of gray hair to start leaving gray hair natural. (Photo: Instagram @celeebssnews)

Among the blonde trends, the Expensive Blonde, a technique of highlights that various shades of blonde that allow to give volume and movement, as well as to illuminate the face. For this, the appropriate dyes are also selected, so it is also a trend that it favors everyone.

The best part is that it is one of the changes of look with which does not require much maintenance, Well, the ideal is to wait two months before a touch-up.

The Expensive Blonde has become very popular and is requested in all aesthetics. (Photo: Instagram: @hairbyarnela_rizai)

The roses are crowned as the favorites of spring

At the beginning of this note we warned you that colors would also dominate the season and one of the main protagonists is pink, which can be applied to the hair in two totally opposite shades.

The first of these is the bubblegum pink and the one who brought it to the big hair trends for spring was Hailey Bieber with a radical change of look with which she said goodbye to her natural brown to show that this dye is perfect for the season, especially if it is worn in the classic cut Bob and with the wet effect hairstyle.

This is not the first time that Hailey Biber wears pink hair. (Photo: Instagram @haileybieber)

On the other hand, the strawberry pink It should be used in spring-summer and unlike the previous dye, it is a lighter shade that is perfect for all skin tones and all hair types.

In addition, it is perfect for those looking for something less flashy, since you can play with the intensity of the tone until you reach something very bright or a pastel effect.

This shade of pink goes perfectly with the spring vibe. (Photo: @iyonagakaito)

Red and copper, the best option for the season

Finally, the perfect hair for this springaccording to celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Rosalía, is the red and copper, Well, a few weeks ago they surprised with radical changes of looks to show off the trends of the moment. On the one hand, the singer wore an intense red, leaving the roots black.

For her part, the model and member of the Kardashian clan showed that copper is perfect for short hair; The best part is that this warm color makes whoever wears it look radiant, because in addition to illuminating the face, it helps to highlight the best features of the face.

These two shades will be seen a lot this season. (Photos: @rosalia.vt and @kendalljenner)

However, they are not the only trends with shades like these, since the dye strawberry chestnut also has its role in the spring, especially after Kendall Jenner appeared with another new look. The actress Barbie Ferreira also joined this new way of wearing hair.

This style for hair A brown tint stands out for a base, but to achieve these bright tones, other colors such as red, pink, violet and even lilac must be combined in strands that go from mid-lengths to ends.

Also in copper, strawberry brown leads the hair trends. (Photos: @kendalljenner and @barbieferreira)


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