From Scratch: Premiere, cast, true story of the Netflix series

From Scratch It is one of those real love movies that seem to be taken from fairy tales. If we think about it, who would not want to fall in love with Italian gastronomy and paradisiacal places? However, the series, which in Spanish is called Right from the startis not going as just another romantic comedy, but as a representation of the difficulties, the wonders, the goodness and the very nature of something very simple: Love.

It is undeniable that, seeing the first previews or simply reading the synopsisLet’s not remember what one day was Modern Love (let’s look forward to a new season). Not for making comparisons on the air in two titles that seem distant, but in the way in which both productions approach the romantic theme, far from fantasy novels and ‘happily ever after’, but with an approximation of what really lives, day by day, a couple. Something that we certainly needed since the premiere of Modern Love.

Amy and Lino will live a summer love that little by little will become a reality, with all the obstacles, difficulties and bonanzas that real love entails. Netflix

When is From Scratch released?

From Scratch the premiere October 21, 2022 on Netflix.

The cast of From Scratch

Zoe Saldana

The actress with Latin roots, known worldwide for mega-productions like Avatar or Guardians of the Galaxy, will play the role of Amy.

Eugene Mastrandrea

With a reduced filmography and mainly for Italian television, the actor is the strong bet as Linen.

Danielle Deadwyler

Danielle Deadwyler, known for Station Eleven and, more recently, The Harder They Fall; it is Zora in From scratch.

Keith David

The Emmy winner and best known for his unmistakable voice, will be hershel in this new Netflix series.

Kellita Smith

The actress, model and comedian, known for her role on the sitcom The Bernie Mac Show, is lynn.

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