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Shakira, just a few hours ago, has launched what will be number one in 2023, the Music Session #53 together with the Argentine producer, Bizarrap. The song has not left any human being on the planet indifferent, but rather, quite the opposite, it has caused a great uproar on social networks. And it is that, with this topic, the Colombian throws “knives” to his ex-partner, Gerad Piqué. That’s why here in CHAIN ​​100we have made a compilation of the songs, which artists of the stature of Shakira, Taylor Swift or Adele, writing with a broken heart and after its release turned out to be a number one. Do not miss it!

Taylor Swift

Taylor is the Queen of pop, but also of heartbreak and it is that, rupture that suffers, number one that composes, produces and premieres. Swift takes advantage of any feeling that blooms inside her to sit down and write about it and create a bestseller, especially if a man, like Harry Stylesbreaks his heart.

Taylor has dedicated several songs to the British, the curious thing is that most of them have made him reach number one, but, above all, get an economic slice of his broken heart. ‘I knew you were trouble’, was the first hit song in which Swift spoke obliquely about her relationship with styleswhich ended in mid-2012. The song saw the light in October of the same year, as the third official single from his hit studio album, ‘Grid’. With this, the singer managed to sell, in record time, more than 400 thousand copiesin addition to obtaining several gold and platinum records around the world for ‘I knew you were trouble’.

With the triumph of the disc, ‘Grid’released at the end of 2012, the singer was crowned, the following year, as the female artist who had redeemed the most money for her music in 2013. As it turns out, Taylor ultimately took advantage of her broken heart. But it is not the only subject that she has dedicated to Harry, since in ‘1989’his fifth studio album, Taylor was directed, above all, in ‘Style’ to the British, a single that remained at number six on the Billboard chart for 32 weeks consecutive.


The British singer, recognized worldwide for her heartbreaking balladsHe has also known how to take advantage of his painful love breakups. The last one it happened with was, the current number one of hers, ‘Easy On Me’. After five years away from the music industry and all that that implies, Adele premiered in October 2021 the single that would mark his return to the scene.

The great worldwide success of the British, ‘Easy on me’, as she herself has confessed, is composed with her son and ex-husband in mind, Simon Konecki. From a bitter pill at one stage of her life, the singer managed to make a piece of art, confessed a great friend of Adele, and she is not without reason, since the subject, to this day, is nominated for the 2023 Grammy Awards, in five categories. Also, the singer got rise to number one on various lists globally, during its first months of life.


The Colombian, in the last few hours, has given a lot to talk about after the premiere of her latest song. And it is that, in nine hours, the Music Session #53 together with Bizarrap, has more than 23 million views on YouTubethe song is expected to sweep the sales charts.

But it is not the only topic that Shakira has written about her breakup with her ex-partner, Gerad Piqué. In mid-April 2022, before the confirmation of the separation by both, the Colombian premieres ‘I congratulate you’, where the hints made by the former soccer player were quite clear. Months later, in October, he released the second single for Piqué on the music market, ‘Monotony’. With both songs, Shakira got achieve great figures and break several records.

As they say, the best songs come out of a broken heart and that is exactly what has happened with these three artists, Taylor Swift, Adele and Shakira, on numerous occasions.

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