From Shakira to emeritus king: Prosecutor’s office boasts of its own investigation of economic crimes National and International Economy

The Prosecutor’s Office has demonstrated its investigative and prosecutorial activity related to economic crimes, some of which have directly affected celebrities such as singer Shakira, Emeritus King Juan Carlos I or a football club. This is reflected in the annual report of the Prosecutor’s Office corresponding to the year 2022, which was presented yesterday by State Attorney General Álvaro García Ortiz during the inauguration ceremony of the Judicial Year held at the Supreme Court. Presided over by King Felipe VI.

The 1,500-page document said last year the prosecutor’s office launched 162 investigations and submitted 146 indictments for crimes against the public treasury. Similarly, it initiated 45 investigative proceedings for crimes against social security and laid charges in 134 proceedings; And finally, initiated 27 new investigations into potential subsidy fraud and prosecuted on 10 occasions. In this sense, it also emphasizes that for the same crimes, in 2022, Spanish courts handed down 294 convictions, accounting for 82.99% of the convictions.

After this annual summary on economic crimes, the Prosecutor’s Office dedicates a section to explain “some of the most notable procedures”. Among them, without mentioning explicitly, he points to a case carried out by the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Barcelona in the Investigation Court No. 2 of the Espluages ​​de Llobregat, for which it accused “a world-renowned artist” of six crimes. Is. Public treasury. It is Shakira, the Colombian singer, whom he is demanding eight years in prison for defrauding of 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014 by pretending she did not live in Spain.

Other relevant matters

One of the “particularly relevant” cases, indicates the Public Ministry, is the case of an alleged crime of misappropriation relating to the Málaga soccer team. Furthermore, he emphasizes that one of his investigations into tax fraud linked to European subsidies, focused on the Madrid Institute for Advanced Materials Studies (Immedia Materials), marked the first time that a European Public Prosecutor’s Office has assessed So the Supreme Court has come. Jurisdiction to an investigating court to investigate. In this case, the High Court tilted the balance towards the community institution.

In relation to the investigative proceedings initiated against the King Emeritus for various financial irregularities, the Prosecutor’s Office has dedicated a section of the report to explaining the reasons why the file was agreed to and the decision not to file a complaint Went. The Public Ministry reminds that it did not observe any crime of money laundering related to the collection of 65 million euros for the arbitration of the award of the construction of the AVE to Mecca in 20211 to a consortium formed by 12 Spanish companies and two Saudi companies. … He emphasizes that no connection can be established between the two events, “even in a symbolic way.”

Regarding the other two lines of investigation, which were opened due to the donation of money to Juan Carlos I by a Mexican businessman, Alan Sanguines-Crause, and the existence of hidden funds in one of the faith Based in the tax haven of the Channel Islands, the report vindicates both files. On the one hand, remember that the lawyer of the previous Head of State presented two tax regularizations; And, on the other hand, no indications were found that would allow linking a financial collaboration with Juan Carlos de Borbón, “neither in its management, nor in its ability to dispose of funds.”

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