From Software’s work on sale at only 59.90 euros

There are many of you who are already headlong into Elden Ring, with nothing and no one to stop you from spending as many hours as possible. The world created by From Software allows us explore for hours and face very difficult bosses. Quite a challenge even for the most expert.

However, if you are one of those who still have doubts or simply have not found the time to buy it, your opportunity has come. Elden Ring is on sale at just 59.90 euros in its Standard Edition, more affordable than the Launch Edition.

Elden Ring – Standard Edition

Elden Ring – Standard Edition

Elden Ring for PS4

We are talking about a 17% discount for Midlands and a more than interesting saving for both the PS5 and PS4 versions. Remember that if you get the PS4 edition you directly receive the free upgrade for Sony’s new generation console. So, for the face.

If you want to know how it looks different Elden Ring across all platforms, here you have a comparison so that you have it clear. And if you want to get ideas for the character editor and look great in battle, it never hurts to be inspired by the best creations of the community.

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