from the abuse at home to the knife he took to school to defend himself Rambo-style

It was at Ryan’s 13th birthday that Donna and Thomas parted ways. The man left home and the boy stayed with his mother and his older sister, Mandi. His schoolmates started with the bullying when they learned of the Goslings’ breakup. His answer was fists. And more… On one occasion he carried a butcher knife in his backpack and did not hesitate to take it out when he was disturbed. He told the school authorities that he had seen him in rambo, and that he always wanted a similar knife to defend himself.

The problems in the classroom did not end in the jokes of his classmates and in his violent reaction: his teachers began to notice attitudes that set off alarms. Student Gosling was distracted, not paying attention, and they had to explain each topic to him over and over again. Still, he didn’t always manage to learn. “I was trying really hard, but I couldn’t remember what the teachers were teaching,” he explained in an interview. “It was very difficult for me to learn things that for the rest were very simple, and so they took me to special education classes.”


Ryan Gosling as Ken.

Beyond what was happening at school, he never left acting aside. After his time in the Disney world, in the mid-90s she was part of Are you afraid of the Dark?, a youth series of great impact. Shortly after, in 1998, he would get the opportunity to star when he was called for the series Y Young Hercules. These works gave him a flight that made him one of the promises of Hollywood. A talented young man with everything to succeed.

In 2002 he was part of deadly calculation, a film without pain or glory but that will be remembered by the ups and downs of the heart. She shared cast with Sandra Bullock and during the filming a romance was born that lasted a year. In 2004 Gosling showed off and touched the sky with his hands after his performance in Diario de una PASSION (and that bond of love, hate and friendship with Rachel McAdams). She served to confirm what she had been showing. Thus, he went from one project to another. Although the setbacks would also come.

The first one he had in 2009 when he was called to From my heaven. He negotiated with the director, asked him to be the father of the main family and he granted it. But at the time of filming, he was fired: “When I was hired I weighed 70 kilos and when I showed up to film, I had increased to 95 kilos. And the truth is that the production and I had a very different idea regarding what my character should look like. I really thought that this man must weigh almost two hundred kilos, I believed in that idea and I was excited to do this work. When I showed up on set, they said, ‘You look terrible!’ I thought that was a compliment but it wasn’t, and I got fired.”


Ryan Gosling with his daughters, Esmeralda and Amanda.

Ryan Gosling with his daughters, Esmeralda and Amanda.

In 2011 he regained his weight and prominence when he made Drive. The big bet (2015) and the award-winning La La Land (2016). and the chance to be Neil Armstrong in First Man(2018). But now, on top, Gosling stepped to the side. He understood that he should tone down the exposure and focus on his family. In 2011 he had met the actress Eve Mendes and together they were parents twice: in 2014 he was born Emerald and in 2016 they had Amanda.

It happens that I hardly spent time with them. Ryan realized that he should share more, have more space for the three of them. Somehow, He did not want to repeat the shortcomings he faced in his childhood. To what has already been narrated, the actor remembers again and again the verbal violence and mistreatment of his parents before separating. “I was going crazy from the screaming going on all the time, there was something in my head that was shorting out. There was mistreatment between them and alcohol abuse.”

Today, all that is a bad memory. She managed to break barriers, make a place for herself and succeed in the passion that he embraced as a child. A few months ago he returned to acting. You can see it in Netflix, in the aforementioned The Gray Man, shining again, doing what he loves. For Ryan Gosling, it’s time to enjoy.

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