From the beach, the daughter of Marco Antonio Solís raises the temperature with her curves

Marco Antonio Solís is one of the most important singers in Latin America. The man born in Michoacán has become an internationally renowned artist who has conquered the world not only as a soloist, but also with his group ‘Los Bukis’. Solís also presumes the good relationship he has with his daughters and Beatriz Solisthe oldest, showed off her figure and raised the temperature.

El Buki has had an exceptional start to the year, due to the fact that in addition to his tour as a soloist through several cities in the United States and other Latin American countries, he has added his latest concerts with ‘Los Bukis’, who had returned to celebrate 25 years of the band. Solís is also an important businessman who owns a brand of tequila and even a luxurious hotel that is located in Morelia. On his tour of El Salvador, the 62-year-old singer-songwriter dedicated a tender message to the fans where he thanked them for the warmth and hospitality provided.

Marco Antonio Solis He is noted for having a large family, where he was married twice and had three daughters. His first marriage was with Beatriz Adriana with whom he had Beatriz Solis and later he married Cristy Salas, from whom Alison and Marla were born. He maintains a great relationship with them, as do his sisters.

Beatriz Solís is in charge of showing off her body. source file

Beatriz Solís is the eldest daughter of the Marco Antonio Solis 62 years old and also the singer Beatriz Adriana. Recently, the brunette has just turned 33 and celebrated it accompanied by her two children and her father, who dedicated a sweet message to her. Also, she is very active on social media and she shared her exercise routine since she was diagnosed with an illness after giving birth twice.

With more than 100 followers on Instagram, the daughter of Marco Antonio Solis shared a photo where she is seen enjoying the beach. In the post, she is seen wearing a dress and showing off her legs. Quickly, she raised the temperature and had thousands of likes, who were surprised by the body of Beatriz Solís.

The photo with which Beatriz Solís raised the temperature. Source Instagram @beatrizsolis

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