From the side plank to the reverse crunch: the best exercises to work your abs and lose belly effortlessly

There are many tricks to reduce abdominal fat, but the essential thing is always to make an effort. Walking 50 minutes a day already helps in that thankless task of eliminating belly. The starting point: don’t drink soda and exercise. But not just any exercise is worth it and that is why here you can read which are the best (and simplest)
beyond doing sacrificial abdominals.

The muscles of men and women are not significantly different, but women tend to have the
wider pelvis and a longer waist, which in and of itself can make it difficult to achieve flat, firm abs. But showing off abdominal muscles
it is not impossible.

The best abdominal exercises for women focus on
four muscle groups: external abdominal obliques, internal abdominal obliques, transversus abdominis, and rectus abdominis. To properly target and tone these four muscle groups, it is important to perform a v
variety of stabilization exercises which, unlike traditional sit-ups,
focus on the coreThey make your muscles work harder and burn more calories.

traditional griddle

Using your arms and legs in this exercise adds
intensity and resistance. The first thing is to place the mat on the ground and
lie face downsupporting the weight of the body on the
forearms. The balls of your feet will be your rear support zone.
Keep your arms bentout and straight.

Next, squeeze your shoulder blades together and extend or
open your back so that your whole body remains
fully upright and parallel to the ground. You should press your thighs up as you
you stretch your heels. Don’t raise your hips too high and keep your elbows away from your body.

side plank

Unlike a traditional iron, you will support the weight of your body in
only two points of contact. This requires more work from your core to keep you stable. Your back and abs work together to keep your spine long. The exercise does not only consist of keeping the weight on one of the sides and the first thing is to place yourself on your side on a mat, leaning on one of the sides of your body
with leg and forearm.

Then use your strength to
raise your body so that all the weight is distributed between the forearm and the foot on that side. Hold this position for
40 seconds minimum and try to do at least
three series combining each side. And if you already have enough preparation, try holding yourself at arm’s length.

reverse crunch

This exercise puts your focus on the
abdominal rect. The first thing is
lie face up with your back straight and well supported on the mat. Next, you must
stretch your arms completely along the body and place the palms of the hands flat on the ground. In that position,
you will bend your legs slightly and lift them towards the pectorals. Maintaining this posture, the exercise consists of doing
successive repetitions raising the hips slightly.

boat pose

This exercise
refer to yoga. Sit tall with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Yo
lean back and lift your legs off the ground. Next, she extends her arms palms up.
Your body should form a kind of V. Stay like this for a few
30 seconds. It is an exercise aimed at working your
lower abs.

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