From The White Lotus to The Bear: When do the most popular series return after the actors’ strike ends

Following the announcement of the end of the strike called by the Hollywood actors union (SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP), which lasted four months, productions are free to resume or resume filming. Those responsible for the most successful series have not wasted a single minute and have already started the machinery so that their new seasons reach us as soon as possible (spoiler: most will not do so until at least 2025). We review the most high-profile and anticipated ones:

the last of us

Production of the second season of the starring series Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey It will be launched in early 2024 with the aim of premiering in 2025, as confirmed in a press conference a few days ago. Casey Bloys, CEO of HBO.

The television adaptation of the popular video game was one of the great events of the year and was praised by the public and critics, receiving 24 nominations at the Emmy Awards, including Best Drama Series, Best Actor and Best Actress.

While the first season followed the storyline through the end of the first part of the game, the new season will continue with the second part, although there are plans to split it into two parts given its narrative complexity. The scripts to launch it are already ready, as confirmed by its creators audience, Neil Druckman and Craig Mazin, And the big unknown right now is who will play Abby, who will be key to the future of the series, as anyone who plays video games knows. This is heard a lot in recent times Kaitlin Dever, hero of book smart,

white lotus

One of HBO’s most popular series will also return in 2025: the plan is to begin filming its third season in February 2024 and it will take place in Thailand. They are currently in the process of casting their usual ensemble cast, which will feature over a dozen characters, and it is also known that Natasha Rothwell who played Belinda in the first season will return.

Its creator, Mike White, It has recently been confirmed Entertainment Weekly He is finalizing the script and the new installment will be “a bigger version of White lotus, It’s going to be long, big and crazy. “I don’t know what people will think about it later, but I’m extremely excited, so based on my own barometer it’s a positive thing.”


Continuing with HBO, the premiere of the third season of the series starring Zendaya will also be delayed until 2025. Not much information has been revealed about it, but its manufacturer, Sam Levinson (which was also behind this year statue With Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye and Lily-Rose Deppwhich has been canceled after only one season), reported Eli The summer featured an emphasis on film noir components. Of the main cast, barbie ferreira (played by Kat Hernandez) announced in August that she was leaving the series.

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at the last moment Excitement still beset by tragedy Actor Angus Cloud died in July And a few days ago from one of its creators, kevin turenAfter suffering a medical emergency while driving.

dragon house

Filming of the second season (which took place in Cáceres, among other places) of By-product Of game of Thrones It was not affected by the strike like other productions because most of its British cast is not affiliated with the SAG-AFTRA union. For this reason, Casey Bloys has already confirmed that all episodes (eight compared to ten in the first season) are already in post-production and that we will be able to see them sometime this summer. Bloys also announced that A knight of the seven kingdoms: Hedge Knight, second prequel game of Thrones As planned, production will begin in the spring of next year.

stranger things

david harborThe actor, who played police chief Jim Hopper, announced during a speech at a charity event shortly after the strike ended that a fifth and final season of the Netflix phenomenon would be produced. It will resume “in the coming days.”

The writing team also published the first page of the first episode’s script via their X/Twitter account on November 7. As filming was originally supposed to begin before the summer, it is possible that a large part of the script has already been finished (it is estimated that the final season will consist of eight episodes), but the technical complexities of the ambitious production. Due to this there may be delay for some time. year, so final deliveries will definitely not arrive until at least 2025 (in the absence of official confirmation). which has already been announced Linda Hamiltonterminator) will join the cast.


The series focused on (and has since launched) the character of the Addams Family. Jenna Ortega to stardom) surprisingly became one of Netflix’s biggest hits when its first season premiered late last year. Its renewal was announced shortly after, but as with many others, production of a second season could not begin due to the strike.

an information about deadline Filming reportedly could begin in spring 2024 From Romania, where the first installment was filmed, to Ireland, Ortega, who has also become a producer, has announced that the new season will have a greater emphasis on the horror genre, which will be dominated by teen romance plots. No release date has been confirmed.


It was an open secret, but earlier this month it became official that the series will star jeremy alan white Will return for the third season. “Bear, which impressed the public in its first season and reached even higher heights in its second season, “It has become a cultural phenomenon,” announced Nick Grad, president of their production company, FX Entertainment. “What their team has achieved is admirable and we look forward to the new chapter in their story with their fans.”

Plans for the start of filming of the new season or when it will premiere have not yet been made public (it should be remembered that the first two installments came in the summer of 2022 and 2023, respectively, although there was no strike involved), but FX is already promoting its comeback teaser,

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