From Univision to Telemundo: Jomari Goyso’s loss has caused celebrities to send messages of support

Yesterday the fans of Jomari Goyso they learned that the famous fashion critic was ready to leave, to leave, to move. Jomari appears in the video of him sitting behind a group of packages. All set to leave behind his house number 12. The Spaniard is ready to start over, but the moving process aroused mixed feelings in him.

About this process Jomari said: “It’s time to pack up again and follow my destiny…“. The Spanish has begun to show part of his new home. Although the specific reasons that led him to move are unknown, he has said that he needed the change.

“I’m not afraid of change, only to stagnate. It’s time to move, to get uncomfortable and grow up. Don’t worry, I’ve already lived in 12 different houses and 7 cities. 40 years of life and here I am still studying in the college of life with the teacher of teachers; God! #movingout“.

Stars from television, modeling and entertainment in general have told him:

Ana Lemus He told her: “My God you made me cry, I love you so much ❤️”. While Jacqueline bracamontes He told her: “I love you my Jo!!! ❤️”. This is how the actress also manifested Karla Monroig: “Strong hug Jomari. I love how you share your personal growth, emotions, your joy and your pain. Blessings and success in your new space. Águeda López and Marisela de Monte Cristoe have sent their love using the famous Instagram heart icons: “❤️”. Zoila Ceballos He has expressed to him: “You are a human being with such a big heart 🙌”.

Jomari Goyso has said that his house had already become a fortress, and this is because he needs to feel that his home is a sanctuary in which he not only finds security, but also peace, but that it already seemed to be isolating him too much from the world and your own thoughts.

With a short video he showed a part of what is now his new home. And last night he went with the actress Danna García to enjoy the Juan Luis Guerra concert, all to please her, because many songs of the Dominican seem not to be known. But the Spaniard got the surprise of his life, seeing that the singer shared one of the Spaniard’s videos in his own Instagram stories.

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