From Venezuela, Aída Victoria referred to her mother’s current situation: “I feel alone in a country that is not mine”

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About three days ago, the influencer Aida Victoria Merlano Manzaneda announced that he was in Venezuela visiting his mother, where after two years he could finally see her face to face to talk about the situation that a former congressman is experiencing in the neighboring country, specifically after turning on the fan against the Char and Gerlein clans .

The influencer and now businesswoman mentioned again, through her social networks, details of her stay in the neighboring country and the first sensations after the reunion with her mother, who could face a second sentence in Colombia for alleged irregularities in money management during the period in which he was seeking a seat in the Senate for the Conservative Party.

Through a dynamic of questions and answers made on her Instagram profile, Merlano Manzaneda was questioned about her feelings in the middle of the visit to her mother. The influencer replied that It has not been easy, for her, the situation that the former congresswoman is going through despite the time that has elapsed.

“I feel that this pod wallowed me in a way that I never saw coming”, pointed out the influencer. Later, she went into detail about what her mother had been in a few days in Venezuela, recounting the deprivation of liberty of her mother more than two years ago.

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Merlano stated that, “I thought I was just coming to visit her and it turns out I found myself in a very confusing situation. and super complex. I am alone in a country that is not mine dealing with a pod that I feel is overwhelming me and that, in truth, sometimes I say ‘I don’t know what to do’”, confirming in passing the emotional difficulties she has had when remembering that she has a family in prison

“On the other hand, apart from all that, there is the issue that having someone deprived of liberty is not easy, and less so when you feel that they are being taken from you at the best time, because my mother and I always had a super conflictive relationship and , it turns out that I meet her and -I realize that- we have many things in common, we get along well, and I can’t have her outside, and that has me very broken”, expressed Aida Victoria.

The influencer indicated through Instagram that her and her mother’s situation has not been easy from the neighboring country. VIDEO: Instagram (notifamosos)

It is worth mentioning that in the first video that she delivered to her followers on Instagram from Venezuela, she indicated in tears the emotional odyssey that she went through to be with her.

Also through several stories, he announced on April 7 that he was “in Venezuela visiting my mom; She hadn’t seen her for two years and I’m kind of thrilled to have seen her, but also the disappointment of this type of situation that I would like to modify and I can’t, ”said the Barranquillera.

He also pointed out that so that his followers did not see the bad state in which he was, he was thinking of endless things to show through his official Instagram profile, but it has been impossible for him to do so because his head is with his mother and She is overwhelmed with a great sadness knowing that she cannot share full time with her.

“I swear to you that I would change everything I have to be able to sit with my mother in a restaurant, because I would have been at those carnivals watching myself from a box and I can’t… when you fantasize about the life of another person or someone who is in networks, remember this type of thing ‘we all have problems’”, said Merlano Manzaneda who, weeks ago, was seen enjoying the Barranquilla Carnival in a ‘monocuco’ outfit.


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