From ‘Yo, Tonya’ to ‘Raging Bull’: The best performance from the spectacular cast of ‘Amsterdam’

You may like more or less the cinema of David O. Russell, one of those filmmakers capable of arousing the same number of passions as hatred, but there is an element in each and every one of his films that does not admit discussion: his impressive casts . And it is that, although in most cases it seems that his relationship with the actors and actresses is not the most fluid in the world, far from it, We are talking about a guy with a special talent for bringing together big stars to help him tell their particular stories.

The best performance of each member of the spectacular cast of ‘Amsterdam’

1 Christian Bale – ‘The Machinist’
Christian Bale - 'The Machinist'

Almost 30 kilos. That is the weight that the always dedicated Christian Bale lost to star in this more than vindicatable ‘The Machinist’, a thriller gem directed in 2004 by Brad Anderson. A story full of twists, surprises and scenes attached to the impact that found in the chilling interpretation of the actor the most indisputable of his virtues. In a career full of immense works like Bale’s, it is always difficult to choose just one, but this choice serves to celebrate one of his best (and most neglected) films.

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two Margot Robbie – ‘I, Tonya’
Margot Robbie - 'I, Tonya'

The easy thing would have been to take advantage of the pull of ‘Suicide Squad’, that horror in which his Harley Quinn was the only thing that went well, to continue starring in action blockbusters destined to end all the popcorn in the world. But Margot Robbie, showing both courage and intelligence, preferred to focus each and every one of his efforts on raising ‘I, Tonya’, the biopic of Tonya Harding, one of those stories that, out of sheer delirium, can only be real.

The result of this leap into the void made by the Australian actress is, first, a magnificent film, outstanding in almost all its sections, and second, one of those performances that mark a career. Robbie, excellent from start to finish, goes for it in every scene and, whether starting from fragility or from rage, hypnotizes us with no option to resist. It is a talent show worthy of the most surrendered applause.

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3 John David Washington – ‘Infiltrator in the KKKlan’
John David Washington - 'Infiltrator in the KKKlan'

The best thing about John David Washington’s performance in this remarkable ‘Breaker of the KKKlans’ is the way it fits perfectly with the tone employed by the essential Spike Lee throughout the entire film. In this way, the actor completes a job that, away from any hint of excess or artifice, it works perfectly in its simplicity and its admirable flow. An interpretation as exemplary as it is effective that served to place him within an industry delighted with his presence.

Infiltrator in the KKKlan in eCartelera

4 Anya Taylor-Joy – ‘Last Night in Soho’
Anya Taylor-Joy - 'Last Night in Soho'

With ‘Last Night in Soho’, in case there was any doubt about it, Edgar Wright finishes positioning himself as one of the most interesting filmmakers of his generation. And he does it, moreover, with his characteristic recital of style, references converted into his own stamp, surprising stories, vertiginous editing and fabulous staging.

A magical combo that works to the maximum of its potential in this thriller with touches of terror and tons of style in which each scene moves with the hypnotic forms of a British song from the 60s. A remarkable proposal in which they stand out , in addition to the aforementioned inspiration behind the camera of Wright, a plethoric Anya Taylor-Joy What is light in a permanent state of radiation?. Impossible to look away from his magnetic presence when he is on screen.

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5 Chris Rock – ‘9 Days’
Chris Rock - '9 Days'

Crushed at the time of its premiere by critics who, as usual, failed to appreciate Joel Schumacher’s characteristic nerve and rhythm, ‘9 days’ continues to stand out today as a thriller more than managed in its combination of spectacularity, action and humor . Lands in whichjust like Anthony Hopkins is somewhat lost, Chris Rock he is delightedthus signing the most complete interpretation of his career to date.

6 Matthias Schoenaerts – ‘Of Rust and Bone’
Matthias Schoenaerts - 'Of Rust and Bone'

Much more forgotten than it deserves when it comes to celebrating the best films of the great Jacques Audiard and the roundest performances in Matthias Schoenaerts’ professional career, ‘Of Rust and Bone’ is already receiving the thunderous ovation of the unanswerable claim. And it is that, from its first bars, this bleak romance is a first-class cinematographic experience, offering the exact doses of intensity, pain, love and hope. A jewel in which the aforementioned actor is really immense from the first scene to the last of the shots.

Of rust and bone in eCartelera

7 Michael Shannon – ‘Take Shelter’
Michael Shannon - 'Take Shelter'

After the very interesting ‘Shotgun stories’ Jeff Nichols, one of the best directors of recent years, and Michael Shannon, one of the most complete actors of his generation, joined forces again in this impressive ‘Take Shelter’. A cinematographic gem from start to finish that offered a good handful of scenes to remember, an unforgettable ending and a capital performance delivered by a full-blown Shannon from start to finish. An essential work and film.

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8 Robert De Niro – ‘Raging Bull’
Robert De Niro - 'Raging Bull'

Nobody in the history of cinema has reflected defeat in such a poetic, crude and savage way as Martin Scorsese did with the monumental ‘Raging Bull’, one of the indisputable peaks of his career. Shot in a black and white that gives a greater classicism to a story of ambitious losers and vice versa, the director hypnotizes from unforgettable opening credits that remain forever in the memory.

From there, fights directed with a unique mastery, a script of authentic steel, a dramatic solvency that is bomb-proof and a central interpretation by Robert DeNiro absolutely fascinating. A full-fledged cinematic KO. The verses flush with the canvas.

Wild bull in eCartelera

9 Rami Malek – ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
Rami Malek - 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

Why does ‘Bohemian Raphsody’ work in such a remarkable way? What are the tears that awaken in the viewer? How do they arise is the irrepressible desire to return to it again and again? Simple, two words: Freddie Mercury. We are before a figure so magnetic, electric, charismatic and delirious that one cannot take his eyes off him at any time, vibrating with each of his appearances and surrendering to the evidence of his greatness as a singer, songwriter and showman. . The order of the factors does not alter in any way the brutal final result. Mercury’s power alone is more than capable of handling the full weight of a movie, fully justifying the price of admission.

A spell that would have been completely impossible without an actor up to the immense challenge. Fortunately, Rami Malek not only fulfills a thousand wonders in its reinterpretation of the legend, making each characteristic gesture, look, movement and pose his own, but also brings an extra dose of respect, admiration and sensitivity towards the person behind the star. This is not an actor imitating Mercury. He is an actor that Mercury has taken over.

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10 Zoe Saldana – ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’
Zoe Saldana - 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Although the brutal show, the infallible gags and the overwhelming amount of action and adventure can blind you on first viewing, the way in which Zoe Saldaña takes over the (wonderful) character of Gamora from the first moment is one of the strong points of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and its sequel. A series of films in which the actress gives herself body and soul, putting all her heart into each scene, and who found their definitive emotional climax in the Avengers tapes. There is not even a hint of autopilot, we are talking about an interpreter capable of elevating each moment with the ‘only’ help of her talent.

Guardians of the Galaxy at eCartelera

It happened in his best works (‘The Great American Swindle’ and ‘Joy’), in the irregular ones (‘Three Kings’, ‘The Fighter’) and in the worst (‘The Bright Side of Things’, ‘Strange Coincidences’ ) and of course, repeated in his new job: ‘Amsterdam’. Beyond the artistic results of the film, O. Russell bets once again on a truly overwhelming cast where great classics of acting join emerging stars to form a more than convincing element on its own to bring you closer to the nearest cinema.


Therefore, we are going to take the opportunity to highlight the best performances from an ensemble of actors and actresses who are always a joy to meet on screen. Stars full of talent and presence who join forces to enhance, or directly save, the vision of David O. Russell.

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