Fruits of the wind Film directed by the husband of Lily Collins

Definitely, Lily Collins is one of Netflix’s favorite actresses that to this day, gives us a new tape: “Fruits of the wind”, being a very special film since it was created by her husband, director Charlie McDowelland the first film they premiere as a couple, when they get married in 2021.

So among the dozens of premieres for this weekend, the movie “Fruits of the Wind” stands out in the Netflix catalog with a luxury cast, which stars in the story with actors Jesse Plemons, Lily Collins and Jason Segel.

What is “Fruits of the Wind” about?

According to the Netflix synopsis, “Fruits of the Wind” is a crime and suspense movie which follows the story of a man (Jason Segel) who tries to steal a vacation home from a billionaire (Jesse Plemons), not to mention that he and his wife (Lily Collins) would spend a couple of days in the house.

When the thief is discovered, he kidnaps the couple and asks for 150 thousand dollars to leave them alone, during the course of the story, the characters end up discovering different facets of themselves that put the situation in danger.

“We have always imagined our home and our place as the safe haven from the outside world. And what I was interested in telling was a story in which, what happens if that space is invaded and is no longer safe?

Some curiosities about “Fruits of the wind”

The actor Jesse Plemons, best known for his Breaking Bad character, has been nominated for the 2022 Oscars as “Best Supporting Actor” for the movie “The Power of the Dog”, a Netflix original movie.

On the other hand, Actor Jason Segel makes a leap from comedy to thriller with the film “Fruit of the Wind””, in addition to being one of the screenwriters of the film. The American actor has been recognized for his work in the comedy series “How I Met Your Mother”.

Although many think that the tape was inspired by Lily Collins, the actress revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the role she plays is not based on her at all. However, she revealed that she was indirectly involved in the creation of the tape.

And last but not least, despite being recently married to director Charlie McDowell, Lily Collins had to audition to get the role he plays in the tape.


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