Fuel shortage in Cuba: rationed sales and blackouts in Havana, and another crop in danger

The fuel shortage has forced to regulate the sale of the product at gas stations in Havanawhere there are also repeated blackouts. The lack of fuel has also hampered crops such as mango currently carried out by the state company Ceballos de Ciego de Ávila.

On Monday the official newspaper Tribune of Havana published about the low availability at gas stations in the capital.

regular gasoline it was sold in Infanta and San Rafael, Centro Habana; El Tángana, Revolution Square; 112 and 5th, Beach; 5th between 120 and Cubanacán, Miramar, Playa; The Tunnel, Ave. 7th. corner to 2, Beach; and G and 25, Vedado.

In the case of gasoline enginewas available in Ciudad Deportiva and G and 25; special gasolinein Zapata, between 2 and 4, Vedado, and diesel at 112 and 5th, Playa, and 5th. between 120 and Cubanacán, Miramar, Playa.

Readers who commented on the information warned that in some of the gas stations mentioned there was no fuel before noon.

“A little after 11:00 AM I went through the Iron Bridge Tunnel (7th and 2nd) and there was no gasoline, however, where there was was at the gas station of 31 e/ 18 and 20 and that does not appear on the list. Please, check the information well before publishing it,” asked Raquel Hernández.

Another reader complained: “It is unacceptable that if private transporters have a contract with Fincimex, pay their taxes, have the same legal personality as a state company, have nowhere to buy diesel, in most service centers that have diesel they only dispatch for companies and state agencies.Think that most of the products that come from the countryside to the capital are transported by private companies and all the consequences that can come from not guaranteeing the supply under equal conditions to state and private“.

The same state media of the Cuban capital published the announcement of blackouts for this Tuesday in some areas. The Electric Company in Havana attributed them to “maintenance” in the facilities.

Residents of some neighborhoods of Diez de Octubre, Arroyo Naranjo, Boyeros, La Lisa, Marianao, Plaza-Cerro, Playa and San Miguel del Padrón will suffer power outages between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM this Tuesday.

The fuel shortage has also “hindered” the present mango harvesting campaign in the state agro-industrial company Ceballosone of the most important companies in the country in the manufacture of preserves.

Serious resource constraints, mainly fuel, have hampered the current mango campaign“, said the entity on its social networks, where it also assured that “it does not stop in the search for solutions and so far it has harvested more than 1,000 tons of the fruit.”

As published by the newspaper InvasiveIn March, Ceballos proposed that by the end of the year his technical plan would reach 38,000 tons.

Recently, reports of losses due to lack of inputs, fuel and product rot so elementary and that the State even subsidizes like the potato.

In the same province of Ciego de Ávila, at the end of May, around 800 tons of pineapple could be inside and outside the Majagua Canning Factory, due to the plant’s lack of processing capacity, which has outdated technology and is also affected by breakages and blackouts.

In April, farmer Leonel Capote, from Güira de Melena, reported the loss of his pumpkin cropjust two months after the government stated that food was wasted in Cuba due to “food ignorance.”

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