Funeral of Gilberto Rodríguez: Entrance to the Cali cemetery was with a list – Cali – Colombia

At the door of a cemetery in southern Cali, a group of no more than 60 people had to report, with their ID, to enter a family and intimate ceremony around one of the men who became one of the most powerful in the world. world of drug trafficking.

Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela, at the age of 83 last January, did not have enough life to return and die in his city, as he requested, because his requests were not accepted under the weight of diseases such as cancer, gout and diabetes.

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After 1:00 pm on Friday, a mass began accompanied by messages from relatives and some acquaintances. The ceremony was led by the priests Óscar and Bernardo, in a very simple atmosphere.

Rodríguez had six children, four men and two women, and declared himself proud to know that they had trained as professionals in different careers.

The head of the so-called Cali Cartel was arrested on June 9, 1995, he was sentenced to 15 years, which became seven years given the confession and good behavior in prison.

In November 2002 he regained his freedom but was arrested four months later. He was extradited in December 2004 to the United States, where he died on June 1st.

At mass, one of Rodríguez’s daughters read a letter from Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Orejuela, who wrote that more than a brother, Gilberto had been the father, guide and protector for his family and that of other relatives.

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Miguel, who was also arrested in 1995 and extradited in 2004, and is also serving a 30-year sentence in the United States for leading the so-called Cali cartel, pointed out that despite the conditions and circumstances, Gilberto always had in his slogan that the family was the most valuable thing and he worried that they would affect his loved ones.

On May 25, 1996, one of the attacks that caused the brothers pain took place when they seriously injured Miguel Rodríguez, son of Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Orejuela.

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In that attack, Óscar Echeverry Trujillo, 30, brother of former beauty queen Martha Lucía Echeverry, wife of Miguel Rodríguez, died; Juan Carlos Delgado Martínez, apparently a former Army lieutenant; Nicol Antonio Parra (33); Carlos Alberto Botero Zapata (28) and Leonel Medina Medina (22). Fernando Parra, brother of Nicol Antonio, was injured.

It was one of those difficult moments in what would become the war to the death with the Medellín cartel, led by Pablo Escobar.

Gilberto’s daughter, at mass, said that her father Gilberto Rodríguez finished the work he had been writing for six years.

Statement from the family of Gilberto Rodríguez

Statement from the family of Gilberto Rodríguez

On June 9, the family reported that the work had been placed “under Legal protection as Copyright and Copyright before the competent offices. By virtue of the foregoing, we notify all national and foreign legal and natural persons who intend to disclose , reproduce, transform, distribute and/or communicate to the public through representation, execution, broadcasting or by any other means, must assume the legal responsibility that may arise, in relation to the moral and patrimonial rights of the author”.

It is a story of what his ideas were, the stories, the local, national and international context. Only the style correction and the production of the text are pending.

During the religious ceremony, Father Bernardo made a semblance, where he emphasized what the human being is in his family relationship, his love, and true friends.

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In the act, a musical group first released a song of religious essence, then ‘Dude’, by Robert Carlos.

‘My way’ was the song that resonated with those lyrics that Claude François wrote:

“The end is near now I will wait for it serenely You see, I have been like this
I will tell you sincerely I lived the immensity Without ever knowing borders
I played without resting And in my own way I never lived a love That, for me, was important
I cut only one flower And the best of each moment I traveled and enjoyed
I don’t know if more than any other, although all this was
My way Maybe I cried or maybe I laughed Maybe I won or maybe I lost
Now I know that I was happy That if I cried, I also loved I can continue until the end
My way”.

The farewell was silent, after an act in which there were tears and nostalgia for the father, brother, uncle, grandfather and friend who died behind bars.

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