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In the novel of James Rodríguez writes himself a line almost every day. Rumors about his future they come and go and it is difficult to know what is reality, because from their own environment stories slip from time to time, some true but many others not.

In recent days there has been talk of his decision to leave Al-Rayyan after a season that ended up being disappointing in terms of competition. It is said that the managers are already aware of the disagreement, which goes beyond a comment on Twitch, in which he said that he would leave right now.

The comment was echoed by the renowned journalist Fabrizio Romano, an expert in transfers in Europe, and that gave more validity to the Colombian’s apparent decision to return soccer to Europe. But it is one thing that he wants to do it and quite another that he has the real option of returning to a league as competitive as the Premier League, with which he has recently been linked.

When consulting the British press, the truth is that there are no major indications of a possible operation that will take the creative back to the Premier League, after his experience at Everton. Why is the topic not discussed?

“Serious sources around the club make no reference to James’ name. Although the hammers would be looking for a replacement for a possible departure of the Argentine Manu Lanzini, the Colombian is not seen as the right one due to the very fast game of Moyes’s in midfield, “explained journalist Luis Fernando Restrepo from England.

West Ham could indeed part with Lanzini soon, but they would not have James in their sights to replace him. Today he has two fronts open, one is the semifinal of the Europa League (he is down in the key against Eintracht Frankfurt 2-1) and the other is to add victories in the three remaining dates of the Premier to try to return to the zone qualification for this same tournament next season, which today has three points.

“Let’s wait to see if it is or not another strategy by Jorge Mendes to make his clients known in the press,” Restrepo explained.

Making James’ name sound is not a new strategy on the part of Jorge Mendes, who knows how to take advantage of his contacts in different clubs to create the idea of ​​a high demand that is not always real. We have to wait and see what happens with James: reality or fiction his option to play in the Premier? For now it seems the latter.

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