Gabi Desangles on her dismissal from “Vale por tres”: It hurt a little

Communicator Gabi Desangles said that the way she was canceled from the “Vale por tres” program was surprising and “it hurt her a little.”

Desangles was fired from the television space that is broadcast every Saturday from 12:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon by Telesistema, via email.

“For me it was a bit of a surprise not because of the fact that I was removed from the space because I believe that people go through cycles and an employer never has to justify why, I imagine that perhaps they wanted to make changes. What was a little strange for me was that after so much closeness, of me being treated as part of the family, of me collaborating on Sundays when that is not my job,” said Desangles in “Esto no es radio.”

And he added that “as it was done, it shocked me a little and it hurt me because of the love I have for that company.”

The actress expressed her gratitude to Roberto Ángel Salcedo and the entire production team.

He also clarified the rumors about whether it is true that Robertico’s wife, Johanna Peña, was the one who sent her to cancel.

“I would be very surprised because the truth is that she has always been very cordial and kind to me,” he said.

It was last Friday when the information came out that the presenter no longer belonged to the program and the next day she was on the beach enjoying the sun and her friends.

“Everything good today? Anything new? Saturdays have always been my favorite day of the week,” Desangles wrote with a laugh.

While Desangles was enjoying himself on the beach, “Vale por tres” was already on the air with Paloma Almonte and Milly de Moya in the studios.

Desangles was going to be five years old in June on the television program, where he entered after the departure of Karen Yapoort, who by then shared the leadership with Mabel Henríquez and Manolo Ozuna.

“Vale por tres” has been on the air for eight years after it aired in September 2014, and its host staff has changed several times. The first were Hony Estrella, Mario Peguero and Lizbeth Santos.

Other drivers have been Diana Filpo, Liz Soto, Mabel Henríquez and Raulito Grisanty.

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