Gaby Spanic denounces mistreatment by a colleague

The actress Gabriela spanic recalled a strong episode of his life, when felt attacked by a colleague from the world of entertainment, to whom at some point he considered as his sister and comadre, with whom she is now very estranged.

In an interview for the morning newspaper ‘Hoy’, the actress from ‘The Usurper’made a reflection on his most recent character in the telenovela ‘Warrior heart’ and confessed that He identifies a lot with his role, since she has not only been mistreated in fiction, because she has also It was at the hands of a woman.

According to the Venezuelan, also an actress Alicia Machado took the television reality show in which they participated in 2021 very seriously‘The House of the Famous’, where they had many conflicts, which led them to no longer talk to each other after finishing the program.

Gaby Spanic assures that she has no problems with anyone

Let us remember that after finishing the reality show, Alicia Machado assured that Gaby Spanic was full of hate, and that it was because of her that they had stopped being friends. For me the topic of Gaby is sad and painful because in the company there are many people who know and are witness to the friendship I had with Gabriela. It was incredible for me to realize that she is full of hate.”

However, Spanic responded forcefully and confessed that she was not the only one affected by Alicia Manchado’s statements and attacks.because this also harmed his son. “I was the one who was attacked, I have a wonderful son whom I love and respect, he also messed with my son, but already about that past issue, past, butor I was a woman, who was attacked”.

In addition, she pointed out that although she is accused of being a conflictive woman and of messing with people, her close friends and the people who know her best know that this is not true and that she is a very calm woman who prefers to wish others well.

“I wish you blessings, because you have to wish people like that well. I am a woman in one piece and my roots come from here, a beautiful education, an honest woman”, concluded the famous Gabriela Spanic.

Gaby Spanic assures that she has no problems with anyone

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