Gal Gadot charming on video, ‘feels like a rainbow’

Good start to the week! The fans of the talented actress Gal Gadot were starting the week in the best possible way thanks to the last publication that the artist made through her social networks, where she motivated everyone to start the day’s activities with a smile on her face.

And it is that if something characterizes the beautiful celebrity of Israeli origin, it is her personality full of brilliance and charm that captivates millions, since her frankness with the public creates the feeling of accessibility that viewers want. The most recent video on her profile is convincing proof of this fact.

can to Gal Gadot appreciate modeling in a colorful set of bright orange high-rise pants, which are one of her favorite cuts and that best suit her silhouette, accompanied by an open pure white satin shirt that she was combining with a leather belt in color coffee.

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The video that was also uploaded to her TikTok account, in addition to being posted on Instagram, shows the movie star lipsyncing, that is, synchronizing her lips with a famous Kitty Forman audio on her show during the 1970s. as one of the fans indicated in the comments section.

In it he asks himself on several occasions “Do you feel like a rainbow?”, referring to the feeling of joy and happiness that invades you when you are having a good time, a feeling that the actress herself surely has as a singer in her day to day. , Well, this is what he manages to project through the screen.

Do you feel like a ��?”, he wrote at the bottom of the publication

In response, millions of his followers have been leaving their heartfelt reactions on both entertainment platforms where the clip is available. In addition, they wrote messages with compliments and recognizing that she is one of the most beautiful female artists in all of Hollywood.

“We love you so much”, “Hahaha. Very cute! You carry the rainbow (and sunlight) wherever you go!”, “You don’t feel like a rainbow, you are the rainbow…”, “You make yourself feel like a rainbow”, “That audio is Kitty’s voice, that 70’s show!!!! Have a nice day…”, “I’m in love with this woman”, “So cute and such a lovely smile “

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