Gal Gadot felt humiliated when Charlize Theron stole a character from her

Gal Gadot felt humiliated when Charlize Theron stole a character from her

Gal Gadot felt humiliated when Charlize Theron stole a character from her

With a trajectory of more than a decade, the actress Gal Gadot has begun what promises to be the interesting stage of her career. Although there is still no certainty about whether the actress will return to DC Films as Wonder Woman—or in some other role in this universe—, the truth is that the Israeli interpreter has begun to take strong steps in the industry outside of her role as the Princess of Themyscira.

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Although Gadot’s professional career promised a new ascent towards projects with a view to nominations with Death on the Nile (78%), the debacle of this Netflix film —due to the scandals in which its protagonist Armie Hammer was involved— They cut off that possibility. But it is also true that thanks to the collaboration of the actress with this streaming platform there are still more productions on the horizon for her.

Although perhaps the project that stands out the most in her future is the new film about the life of Cleopatra directed by Patty Jenkins, with whom Gagot has formed a dumbbell in the previous Wonder Woman films. Although the choice of this actress as the protagonist has already sparked some resentment in the public, due to the cultural conflict between the state of Israel and the Arab nations.

I thought that the future in Hollywood looks more promising than ever. The actress has confessed that in her beginnings it was difficult for her to maintain the hope of one day being able to access a relevant role. In full press tour for the launch of Wonder Woman (92%) during the summer of 2017, she revealed to the media The Hollywood Reporterwho was close to getting the character of Furiosa in the film Mad Max: Fury On The Road (97%).

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Much to Gadot’s regret, the role went to South African actress Charlize Theron, who has since built an extensive sci-fi resume playing great female action characters. And the public seemed to support the studio’s decision to turn the film into a total success and a cult classic worthy of its predecessor.

I had so many “almosts” to great things, but I was never a big enough name…. It was always me and ‘the big name’… In this profession, rejection, ooh dude, is hard. I had so many ‘almost almost’s, and another screen test and another role, and another role, and I thought, saying to my husband, I’m not sure how long I can take it, dragging my family to Los Angeles, doing this.

And it is that we do have a review of the career of the South African actress, she already had a robust tour of successful films, which already included an Academy Award for her participation in Monster. The role that launched Theron to international fame was undoubtedly that of Mary Ann Lomax in The Devil’s Advocate (66%), but her interpretation of Furiosa is undoubtedly her most iconic to date.

With the passage of time the protagonist of Aeon Fluxhas managed to demonstrate his wide acting range and recently his career seems to have taken a second wind thanks to his leading role in the Netflix film The Old Guard (73%) and his recent arrival at the MCU, where he is expected for a third installment of Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (89%) as Clea, a sorceress inhabiting the Dark Dimension who later becomes a love interest for Strange.

Despite this status of Theron at the time of the mentioned casting, Gal Gadot still aspires to earn a man of her own in the film industry far from her participation in DC. The tapes of him to be released this year as Heart of Stone —a high-profile spy thriller on Netflix— and her subsequent participation in Cleopatra, augur a remarkable future in which we are sure her fans will be happy to see her.

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