Gal Gadot: her best films according to critics

If we have no doubt about something, it is the enormous charisma, beauty and extraordinary talent of Gal Gadota woman who has known how to quickly climb to the top of Hollywood in a relatively short time.

Since her screen debut as the celebrated Gisele in the saga of Fast&Furious from 2009 until her most recent role as Linnet Ridgeway-Doyle in Death on the Nile (2022), Gal makes it clear that she can either be a villain or a hero.

In little more than a decade, the Israeli actress has become an icon of cinema and that is why we make this list with her best-ranked films by critics.\

Wonder Woman – 2017

The film that definitely put the beautiful Israeli on everyone’s radar. Wonder Woman is Gal Gadot’s most popular movie and is not for less. The story, the visual effects and the action made this film one of the best in the DC cinematic universe.

The story follows in the footsteps of Diana, daughter of the gods and princess of the Amazons, who has never left her island. However, one day, in the context of the First World War, an American pilot crashes on her island and Diana saves her life; the pilot explains to her that a great war is taking place that could devastate the world, and Diana, convinced that it is her duty to help her, goes into battle.


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Death on the Nile – 2022

The glamorous vacations in Egypt of the Detective Hercule Poirot turns into the intriguing pursuit of a murderer who kills a wealthy young heiress aboard a Nile River cruise ship.

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