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These are some curiosities about the fascinating career of “Wonder Woman”.


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Lovers of superhero stories, like the movie world in general, fell in love with the beauty of Gal Gadot when in 2017 the film Wonder Woman was released, starring the actress of Israeli origin.

Since then, the producer and model has also become a Hollywood star, however, she has been forging a prolific career for more than 10 years and that is perhaps why you probably did not know some of the most fascinating data in her history. Next, everything you need to know and surely you also did not know about Gal Gadot.

Its origin is

Her grandparents are Holocaust survivors and her parents were born in Israel, like her, in a city in the center of the country called Petah Tikva; the name of Gal Gadot means “wave” in Hebrew.

From Miss Universe to Superheroine

Her indisputable beauty led Gal Gadot to represent her country in the contest of Miss Universe 2004. At that time, the now Hollywood actress would be 18 years old, and although she delighted the judges, she did not advance to the group of finalists that year.

His years in the army

After passing through the beauty pageants, between the ages of 20 and 22, Gal Gadot enlisted in the army, starting as a combat trainer for the defense forces in the military service, this during 2006 when a war between Israel and Lebanon. In an interview with Maxim, in 2007, the actress recounted: “She taught gymnastics and calisthenics. The soldiers loved me because she got them in shape.”

she is a happy mom

Although for some time it was rumored that the actress had some kind of romance with her co-star of Wonder WomanChris Pine, the reality is that Gal Gadot is more than in love with her husband, Jason Varsanoan Israeli businessman with whom she has been in a relationship since 2006 and who is the father of her three beautiful daughters: Alma, Maya and Daniella.

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