Gal Gadot in a trench coat and Eva Longoria in buccaneer boots; fall fashion

The fall It’s here and the fashion of the season has a lot to offer to lovers of good clothes. This is a time of sweaters, jackets, long skirts, boots, trench coats, hats and much more, which always add a elegant touch to our outfits.

Dark colours, lots of textures, layered clothing or contrasting ideas are just some of the possibilities offered by autumn and the celebrities and celebrities of the show know it, demonstrating their most versatile and avant-garde fashion that becomes a point of inspiration for our wardrobe and that we can only take note of the proposals that they bring for this season.

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Gal Gadot

Looking splendid and with great poise, Gal Gadot stands as one of the most elegant women in the business. Simple but spectacular thanks to her charisma and outstanding presence, she is the epitome of autumnal sophistication wearing a gabardine coat in fabric crocodile skin print, from what we noted in the publication, synthetic.

Her hair is pulled back and the black and white shots make her stand out with finesse and finesse, as the simple yet formal style is just what makes her look so delicate and glamorous. She also wears a well-tied belt that stylizes and gives a better silhouette.

It is the type of garment for the demure, simple woman, who does not hesitate to add a lot of sparkle to her image but without attracting attention or showing too much. the perfect style to The Office and that will suit any modern woman.

Eva Longoria

Opting for a more flirty and flashy haloEva Longoria adds a daring touch, feminine and versatile to the matter, also taking advantage of the formality of the color black in autumn clothes, in this case with super long boots and a very chic minidress.

The garment is made of knitted fabric, with long sleeves, a high neck and some fringes and holes that give it a urban touch to your outfit. The footwear is also very seductive and modern, some buccaneer boots, which are characterized by very long designs, up to the thigh.

With a stiletto heel and the best style, the actress complete with loose hair and dark glasses, totally avant-garde. She also finished off with a colored bag, which becomes the element of perfect color blockbecause it breaks with that black of the rest of the outfit, in such a cool way.

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